August 12 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 14

Another week, another Hamster gone. (Oh yeah, and more Chen-Bot pain) After the usual mis-direct where we were led to believe Ivette was going, it of course turned out to be a 6-to-1 vote out of Sarah. Adios Sarah, I won’t miss you.

The big news being that America’s Choice was announced, and with 82% of the vote, Kaysar returns to the house. Thank’s America! Really, I so wanted more scheming in the house, most of the same BS we had before…yep…thanks America…thanks heaps.

Head Of Household began during the hour, but as it was endurance, it did not end during the show. I won’t give away who got it, but I will say it laster 13 hours and 53 minutes! YIKES!

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