August 14 2005

Big Brother 6, Episode 15

Head of Household went for 13 hours and 53 minutes (though the show said 14 hours). For those who don’t remember what it was, you had to stand in a little glass house holding down a button. Last one to go out would win. Let me just say right off the top, I am sick and tired of hearing people on reality shows saying they aren’t there for the money. Bullhockey. If the money doesn’t factor in at least a little bit, your just a freaking masochist.

Beau went out in a mistake, Janelle went out in a mistake, April went out on purpose, Ivette went out by accident…and that’s where things broke down. Ivette seemed to be actually get upset about going out, saying she wanted to do it for her family. Who knows, maybe she did, who am I to say. This is the silliness of the whole thing though, James, mister “Everyone-is-gunning-for-me”, decides he wants HoH for the “wrong” reasons. Ivette “taught” him what this was really about, and that was family, so he stepped out. James, you just once again confirmed why I think you are one of the dumbest people to ever play this game. Maggie stepped out soon after since her target was out.

That took it down to Rachel, Kaysar and Jennifer. Rachel went out in a finger slip. Kaysar and Jen start trying to cut a deal. Kaysar saus if he gets HoH he will put up two of Jen’s team so that Power of Veto can be used to take one of them down and put up James. Somewhere along the line Jem said she would put up two of her team if Kaysar would step down and give her HoH. Kaysar made her swear, she did, he stepped down. Let me just say….KAYSAR YOU ARE A MORON! If you were that concerned with getting James out, you would have stayed in.

So, once Jen talked with April, April said no way should two of their team should go up, let two of the other team go up if they so believed in the plan. Here Was Jen’s mistake, she did nominate Rachel and Janelle from the other team, but she made the mistake of taking them by surprise. If she had gone to them and said “Look, we thought it out, we will still work to get James out, but two of your team are going up as the pawns”, she probably wouldn’t have had so many problems, instead, she now has a team full of enemies. Way to go Jen.

Last one for awhile folks as I will miss the next four episodes due to my trip. I know, you’re all heartbroken.

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