August 16 2005

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Otakon I go…

The trailers are packed, the clothes are ready to go, all that is left is the last minute, nit-picky stuff.

The funniest thing to me? The number of ways things I am throwing in the car to entertain us all! Portable DVD player, iPod (loaded with employee requested 80’s and “Hair Band” songs). I have packed far more DVDs that I could ever watch, even if I wasn’t working. Oh well. I do have four days of car time to kill. And folks, believe me, there is nothing on the face of the planet more mind-numbing than riding in the back of a car, staring at a trailer for days on end.

Like I have said previously, I have pre-written a bunch of enteries, so the one-a-day pace will continue. (Notice I did this one after midnight so today is done…ha!)

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