August 17 2005

Zanesville, OH

Been on the road all day, still not feeling well, but work is work and when you have to do it, you do it. Anyway, random thoughts from the day:

– Gas is truly insane. First gas stop with the two cars was $119.00

– Napolean Dynamite was the only DVD I got to watch today….I will never regain those 95 minutes of my life.

– iPod tape adapter is finnicky when it wants to work, but when it does, it rocks.

– Watching the faces of my employees as I forced them to listen to Hee Haw Hell on XM Radio was hysterical. “You actually listen to this? And you know the band names?”

I will probably start the pre-written posts tomorrow night, but I had a few minutes tonight.

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  • Old High School Frie

    Napolean Dynamite:

    Only funny the second time you watch it. I rented it when it first came out on DVD and ABSOLUTELY HATED IT!! Watched it again recently – LOVED IT!! Try it again in a few months. That's all I have to say about that.

  • You know, everyone tells me that. I will try it again someday. As I think back, a FEW things amused me, so who knows.

  • old high school friend

    So… have you watched it again or not?

  • Wow… way to jump back in time! Yes, I watched it again, I enjoyed it a lot more.