August 22 2005

iPod Love

I fought it for ages, but I must admit now to being 110% in love with blue 6GB iPod Mini. If I could marry it, I would. Though the librbary in my iTunes is now 25 gigs, and 6100+ songs, I just don’t see the need to go for one of the bigger models and carry my entire music collection around at once. The mini is compact, attractive and just plain fun.

The only drawback I have discovered is the accessories I am needing to pick up on the side for it. Everyone warned me I needed to be aware the body and the screen could easily be scratched, so my first needed item was some sort of protection for it. After looking at several, I settled on the Clear Speck Products iPod Mini ToughSkin. My only complaint when I got it was there were instructions on how you were supposed to get the mini in to it! I finally figured out you went through the hole for the click wheel. Once on, it truly does protect the entire iPod except for the synch hole, earphone jacks and the hold button. The screen gets a hard plastic covering, and the click wheel gets a flip down protective plastic cover. I am thrilled with it.

But then I realized “Hey, playing this in the car would be nice…and if there was a way to charge it in the car also would be nice.” So it was off to find a car adapter and a power charger. I considered the FM transmitter adapters, but I didn’t see too many good things about them. So I opted for a tape deck plug in, and found in all in one kit that also had a power charger. So I picked up the Logic3 Travel Kit for iPods. Extra USB, Firewire and earphones also never hurt.

As for filling up the iPod with music though, that has been a combination of ripping songs from my own CDs, gifts from some friends (*wink*) and that same friend turning me on to the wonders of Worth a looksee for sure!

Sure I have spent a bit more money than I first thought I would, but this has reignited my love of music which had been sitting dormant for several years now. Viva La iPod!

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