August 23 2005

Poll Results

I ran a poll over on my LiveJournal a while back because they have free polls. Sorry to the regular blog readers. Anyway, a whopping two people replied…woo.

Mittens83 asked…Top Five Llamas (because, she is slightly insane)

This was a tough one. Did she mean colors? Llama’s in history? Phew…tough call. So where do I go anytime I need to know something? Wikipedia of course. Their entry for Llamas was very enlightening.

5. The Llama in the Disney film “The Emperor’s New Groove

4. Tina the Llama from Napolean Dynamite

3. White Llamas with brown spots!

2. The Naked Dancing Llama – for all it’s sagely advice

1. The Llamas in “The Llama Song“…warning…it’s highly addictive.

Gradeafan asked…Breakfast foods?

Oh my, such pressure! So many choices!

5. Raisin Bran

4. Grape Nuts

3. Boo Berry

2. Donoughts (Krispy Kreme when I can get them!)

1. Eggs in any shape! Scrambled, over hard, sunny side up, omlettes, hard boiled, eggs benedict…I don’t care…just give me eggs!

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