September 5 2005

How the world’s news is portraying us

This page on the BBC site is translating what the world press is saying about our handelling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It is a fascinating read, and I recommend it to everyone. Some of the highlights:

Mexico’s El Universal
The slowness with which the USA’s federal emergency services have joined the rescue operation has already generated great political tension… There is no doubt that the lack of well-timed responses to assist the population will have political costs for President Bush’s Republican Party in the next federal elections.

Argentina’s Clarin
Katrina had more than the power of the wind and water, because, now, when they have subsided, it can still reveal the emptiness of an era, one that is represented by President George W Bush more than anyone.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post
Even if our money may not be needed, at the least we should be offering moral support. Our skills in dealing with storms may be useful to help Americans prevent other such tragedies. We should be offering this help rather than shrugging off what should be our humanitarian duty.

There are many more on the above linked page, and worth reading just to see how we are perceived.

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