September 6 2005

Katrina Timeline & News

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) has posted a timeline of Hurricane Katrina here. Nice to see someone documenting this complete failure of the USA goverments response to this.

Former President Bill Clinton said on Monday “Our government failed those people in the beginning, and I take it now there is no dispute about it. One hundred percent of the people recognize that — that it was a failure.” He also suggested there should be a federal investigation into what went wrong in “due time”. Former President George H.W. Bush is also quoted in the same article.

The elder Bush echoed Clinton’s sentiment, telling CNN’s Larry King that he is “not satisfied” with the handling of the hurricane’s aftermath.

There is also more news here reported by Reuters about how this tragedy is being viewed internationally.

This event will echo for years to come, not just from the sound of reconstruction, but from the cries of people who turned to their goverment for help, and found the emperor had no clothes.

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