September 6 2005

Time For The Good Folks

After the past few days of being angry over how Hurricane Katrina has been handelled, I thought maybe it was time for a story of people doing good in the aftermath.

I have known a woman for 12 years who manages Boulder Ridge Apartments in West Des Moines, IA. She told me the other day that the parent company, Capreit, was donating two 2-bedroom apartments in each of their fifty complexes in 17 states to evacuees. They are rent and utility free for at least six months, and where possible, they will hire the evacuees to work at the complexes.

In addition to this, Tammy, my friend, has been talking to local businesses about donating items to the families since they have nothing. The first family arrived and has so far received a 27″ TV, TV stand, Gamecube, DVD player, movies, games, toaster and more from Best Buy (tomorrow they are supposed to get a washer & dryer). Mid-west grocery chain, Hy-Vee is donating three months of groceries. Local stores are donating clothes, shoes, meals at resturants and any other number of items.

Don’t ever think just because you are in another part of the country that you can’t help in some way.

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