September 7 2005

Taking a break from Katrina, R.I.P. iPod Mini

Well, the folks at Apple today announced the iPod Mini is no more. It is being replaced with the iPod Nano. The only choices so far for the Nano are 2GB White, 4GB White, 2GB Black and 4GB Black. 2 GB versions will hold around 500 songs and the 4 GB ones will hold up to 1,000. The big difference between the Nano and the Mini is the addition of a color screen and also the size. The Nano is 65% the physical volume size of the Mini.

While I lament the disconinutation of my beloved Mini, it is the iPod Shuffle buyers who really got shafted. The 512 MB version goes for around $99.00 and the 1 GB goes for $119.00. Now remember, the Shuffle had no display screen and played the songs randomly. If you get a 2 GB Nano you get full iPod fuctionality and a color display screen. So, for $80 more you get twice the memory, more features and a display? Wow…if you listen closely, I think you can hear the Shuffle owners crying out in agony.

They (being Apple) also announced today that they have formed a partnership with Cingular to release the first iTunes mobile phone, known as the “Rokr E1”. Wow….that is such a lame name it boggles the mind. Anyway, you can order it via Cingular here for $249.99. Big drawback though, it only holds around 100 songs for now.

The last big announcment was iTunes version 5 is ready for download. Go get it boys and girls.

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