September 8 2005

Free Speech & Katrina

(All information taken from here, KLTV 7 in Tyler, TX)

I am a big believer in free speech, it’s gaurenteed by the constitution, but I do think you should take people’s feelings into account with whatever you say. Well, not all people think like that.

Woodland Hills Baptist Church, in Tyler, TX, has put on their sign out front:

The Big Easy Is The Modern Day Sodom And Gomorrah

Here’s a picture for you
Baptist Church Sign

Like I said, I am all for free speech, but there is a point where you would hope folks would show a little sensativity. Things got ugly yesterday morning over the sign when an evacuee confronted Pastor Bennett over his sign. The Pastor’s defense of ths sign is:

“The purpose of the sign is to wake American up to the fact that America is going away from God. New York City’s 9/11 was a call of judgment and New Orlean’s horrible incident was judgment on a wicked city.”

True, the Pastor says his parrish has sent items to the relief effort, but how about you send something else….it’s called civility. If you want to believe these things, fine, believe them, but there is no call to rub salt in the wounds of those who have suffered. And so God was smiting the city of New Orleans? Gee, were no churches damaged, no God fearing Christians were killed? I seemed to have missed the bulletin.

I have no problem with folks following a religion, believing in a God or anything else, what I have problem with is this one man, Pastor Bennett. I am not questioning Baptists or any members of any religions, but just this one paticular man for not at least having the decency to consider the people he could hurt with his sign. So if you are religious and take offense at this, I apologize upfront, but this man has to be taken to task for such an astounding lack of tact and consideration.

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