September 12 2005

Stupid Censorship

Ofcom (Office of Communications), an independent regulatory group in the UK (Wikipedia entry here), has announced that can no longer advertise on British television or radio due to being too political. (News story here)

For those of you unfamiliar with the MakePovertyHistory (MPH) movement, it is a lobbying group asking for all the members of the G8 to rethink their policies towards the third world countries and to, hopefully, bring down their debts so that they can concentrate more on improving their countries than paying back debt to countires such as the USA and the UK. MPH does not support any one political party over another. It supports the concept of fairness to all countries. I was not aware that morality was not considered a political movement, but it seems that Ofcom thinks so.

From the above mentioned article, I love this bit:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his finance minister Gordon Brown have both praised Make Poverty History as having been the deciding factor in convincing the G8 in June this year to agree to write off more than $40 billion worth of debts.

So, an orginization that is doing good, having a positive effect on the world, and it is deemed as being too political….I am sorry, but does this puzzle anyone else? I know I have complained about stupid wristbands before, but I think the time has come to actually buy one. If for no other reason than to thumb your nose at stupid people making silly decesions.

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