September 16 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 1

Time for another season of Jeff Probst running the Survivor’s through their paces. This time we are whisked off to Gautemala, and the ruins of the Mayan empire. The big opening twist was as the two new tribes (Nakum, who wears blue, and Yaxha, who wears yellow) met with Jeff, they were told they were being given an extra “tool” each. Out walked Bobby Jon and Stephanie of the ill-fated Ulong tribe of Survivor Palau. Jeff makes it clear that each of these returning Survivors are full-fledged members of their tribes and that they have the same chance at the $1 million dollar prize.

After all that’s over, Jeff informs both tribes they have a 11 & 1/2 mile race to do to determine who gets the better camp and gets flint to start fire. They are also given food and water they can take with them, but are reminded that they must carry it for the full hike. Both tribes grab up their items and head out with their compasses to find their way. What followed was the usual Survivor catastrophes. Falling thorny branches, dehydration, cramping muscles and darkness of night. Both tribes had to camp out in the forest for the night and continue the race in the morning.

Nakum ended up winning the race, but at a high cost. All the men on the tribe were injured in some way by the end of it. Bobby Jon was dehydrated to the point of almost going into shock, Blake, who had been hit by the thorny branch, was throwing up as was Judd. Winning had cost them dearly, and if it hadn’t been for the nurse on their team, Margaret, several of them would have been in even worse shape.

I won’t bore you with all the details (plenty of other sites do that), but suffice it to day that Nakum lost Immunity and Jim, the retired fire fighter was voted out.

Quick overview of some other points:

Steph and Bobby Jon got probably too much attention in the “confessional” videos.

The players are getting to be way too self-aware and referencing past seasons too much.

I will give kudos though because I have no idea how Survivor keeps finding so many new twists too add!

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