September 17 2005

Big Brother 6 Thoughts

Since the season is now just down to Maggie and Ivette, I figured I might as well give my end of the season thoughts. There are several things broken with this show that are in desperate need of fixing.

Voting – This is getting boring folks. You can see who the targets are from a mile off, the Power of Veto has become a joke and once an alliance gets the upper hands for two weeks in a row, the writing is pretty much on the wall for the outcome of the whole season.

The fix? I know this won’t sit well with a lot of people, but oh well…go back to the audience voting. It works in the 3 kazillion other Big Brother houses around the world. We did it for the first season, but then Arnold Shapiro (who feels he is god like if you ever read an interview with him) took over the show. You could still keep the Power of Veto, and even the Head of Household, but it would eliminate the whole “pawn” strategy that has been used so many times. It would also kill the never-ending strategy talk in the house. I no longer feel like I really get to know the hamsters because all they do, day-in day-out, is to talk strategy. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Food Competitions – The peanut butter & jelly diet has got to go. I am so sick of this it’s not even funny. Again, looking back at the first season, we had the hamsters compete for more or less grocery budget, and that is how all the other versions around the world do it. Nothing like seeing a bunch of cocky hamsters wager their entire grocery budget and then having no money for food. Far more entertaining then the never-ending whining about how much someone hates PB&J.

The Themes – Summer of Secrets should have been renamed Summer of Snores. The pairs with the pre-existing relationships was interesting for about two days. I think after that it just became a joke. Everyone was trying to break up the pairs more than anything else. Strategy went out the window several times just so a pair could be broken up. The only one of these stunts that was halfway workable was the twins from last season. This SOS stuff though just put me to sleep. And in that same vein…

The Returning Houseguest Twist – It’s been overdone. The hamsters knew it was going to happen at some point. It’s boring, the person is gone, let them stay gone. And if you are going to do it, let it be a competition for who comes back instead of an audience vote in, that way there’s more chance of a real shake-up.

The Pool – Just give it up and give them a full size pool would you? Much more potential fun.

Privacy – I know you can’t show us anything nudity wise (because our country is a bunch of prudes), but make it harder for them to get that privacy. The Gold Room was a nifty idea in that it was hidden, but then it became too much like a bunker once it was opened. The door should have been taken away.

Julie Chen – Yeah, I know she’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but I can dream can’t I? At least get rid of her saying before every interview “Just put your bag down over there.” And the stupid “walk” at the beginning of each episode where she goes into her little hut. Ugh!

An idea for an addition, Austrlia had so many rules being broken in the house this year that they started deducting from the prize money for each infraction. Was quite funny. Also, add in the audience hearing Big Brother speak more. Australia has the BEST Big Brother voice EVER! All deep and sinister sounding. Give us that, make us think of these people more like they really are….puppets that dance for our amusement. MUAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHA

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