September 20 2005

For all those who always worry…

Since so many of you always complain about how I never take any time off from work, (my last official vacation was Labor Day weekend in 1996), you will be happy to know….I am taking a weekend off! Yes folks, it’s true. I will taking off November 26th and 27th so that I can go see the musical Wicked in St. Louis. No one pass out please.

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  • I saw Wicked on Broadway with the original cast and it is excellent. I went in with low expectations but came out impressed. It was well done, i hope the road company is a good one.

    Why won’t you take a week off? Go on a cruise or something! Go to San Diego Comic Con and then to Tijuana!!!!

  • THE Kevin graced me with a comment? *fans himself* I can now say a proffesional author comes to me site! :D A whole week? Are you insane man? Only way I would do a week is come to NYC and let you get me ripping drunk at one of the many fine establishments you go to;)

  • Old High School Friend

    You made plans to come to St. Louis and didn’t tell me? What’s the matter with you? “Wicked” is one of the few performances that I am interested in seeing this year! You’d better call me if you’d like to remain in my good graces.

  • I was getting around to telling ya, chill out :)