September 21 2005

Babbles incoherently

The first product for my new company, MunkiZ LLC, arrived in my warehouse today. (Picture here, note it is horror movie based, so some may go “ew!”) This has been a whole new experiance for me because I have never been on the manufacturing end of things.

Sure, getting to this point had it’s rough spots, but now a whole new set of headaches pop up. Have you ever shipped to a large distribution wholesaler? Oh my goodness this is not fun. Packing lists, carton labelling, trying to figure out if the boxes can weigh 40 lbs or 70 lbs (depends on what page of the shipping guide you read), trying to decide why we are paying the shipping when the guide has instructions on who to send the shipping bill to….I think I have gained three more gray hairs today.

And guess what I have learned? Tshirts, packed in plastic bags, suck all the moisture out of your hands! It’s been a fun day…not.

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