September 27 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 1

Wow…could that title for Apprentice 4 be any longer? Probably not. Yes, I know this aired five days ago, but I was bored with it and not in the mood to write it up until today.

Here we go again, time for The Donald to school us all in hair care…I mean…in business, yeah, business. Anyway, this time he had the losers…I mean candidates…meet him out on his “world class golf course”. (No one can ever say The Donald doesn’t appreciate hyperbole) He splits the candidates into men and women and tells them they will be working at two different Bally’s gyms where they will have to come up with a new exercise class. Two new little twists for the start:1)The winning teams project manager will NOT be exempt unless their team agrees to them getting it and 2)The first team member to find The Donald’s “hidden” helicopter will have their team fly two members back to the city where they get first pick of the gyms and a leg up. (the helicopter wasn’t all that hidden)

The guys find the helicopter and send two native New Yorkers, Brian and Josh, back in the helicopter. They choose the gym downtown as they feel the neighborhood will be more affluent. While this is going on, the other men are all in a car on their way back and choose Markus as their project manager. Let the most wishy-washy, whiny project manager in history begin. Oh my lord he would not shut up!

Over on the girls side, they had chosen Kristi, who was an All-American athlete, to be their project manager. The biggest problem with this team was in the form of Hispanic contestant Melissa. I mention she is Hispanic only because she mentioned she was Hispanic at every possible moment. Did I mention she was Hispanic? Well she is Hispanic.

The men went with the policy of recruiting from existing gym members, the women tried to bring in outisde people. After a few other mis-steps by the women, they lost the competition by $11.00. The men’s reward was dinner at the Friar’s Club with The Donald, where Markus continued to talk non-stop. Also, his team did not award him immunity for the following week.

In the board room, after everyone attacked Melissa, Kristi asked if she could bring just one person back into the boardroom with her. The Donald said yes, and naturally it was Hispanic contestant Melissa. (Did I mention she was Hispanic?) After not much debate, Melissa, the Hispanic, was sent home.

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