September 30 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 2

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart week 2 started off with Jim and Dawn returning to the suite after having survived their boardroom battle with Jeff. Jim was…well…boastful would be a tame term for his attitude. But on to the second task.

The teams were assigned to open flower shops with the biggest dollar amount winning. Matchstick chose Chuck as their project manager, as he had experiance in the floral business, and Primarius chose Carrie. The teams took two very different tacts with their flower shops. Matchstick went with freshly imported tulips from Holland, while Primarius wanted to go with selling flower arrangements from a big name designer.

The writing was on the wall early in the episode as Chuck wanted to give up very early in to the task. He also made silly decesions like having girls dress up in short Dutch girl outfits…it was just a mess all the way around, and while they were self-destructing, Jim & Dawn turned into bickering 5 year olds. Primarius started off slowly with their sales, but late in the day, Howie convinced his team to lower the prices, and powered them forward to a win that had them take in double the money of Matchstick. That makes two tasks in a row where Howie has played a heavy roll in a Primarius victory. Interesting.

In the boardroom, Martha went up one side of Matchstick and down the other. Chuck brought Jim & Dawn back into the boardroom, but in the end, Chuck went home because he had a quitters attitude, something Martha can’t stand.

Two interesting notes:
1)Martha, unlike The Donald, waits in the boardroom for the team to sit down, and doesn’t enter after them.

2)Martha did not say “You just don’t fit in”, but she did write the letter. Guess the letter is the ‘catch phrase’.

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