October 1 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 3

Survivor Gautemala is just NOT catching me like past Survivors for some reason. The survivors just don’t seem that interesting this time, and for the first time, I am having trouble keeping stright who is who even! Yikes!

We started off with the ravings of Brian about how he had maneuvered the vote from Lydia to Morgan, but that he now didn’t care if Lydia went. What? What in the world is he playing at? Seems a bit odd to me.

At reqard challange, they played for creature comforts like blankets and a tarp. The game was the usual “blindfold everyone and one person directs them by yelling” game. It looked like Yaxha was going to win, but at the last moment Nakum pulled it out yet again. Anyone else beginning to think that Stephanie is cursed? You have to wonder.

Everything is not good at Nakum though. Judd has had his fill of the screaming monekys, and he is not appreciating people like Cindy, the zookeeper, telling how wonderful the place is. After reward, Bobby Jon and Judd are all ticked off that Margaret DARED to make suggestions about what to do with the tarp when covering the shelter, and they were grown men and she better not try giving them any more orders. Well, let’s all remember that next time they need nursing back to health like they did in the first episode. Ingrates.

The immunity challange was a bizzare twist on basketball, based on an old Mayan game. Let’s just cut to the chase, Yaxha lost. Stephanie HAS to be cursed now!

Now, here’s where things get weird, During the game, Amy injured her left ankle pretty badly, while Brianna just stood around doing nothing. So there were lots of thoughts over who should be evicted at tribal council. And the ‘winner’ was…Brianna.


Ok, I admit, she did nothing, but that was not the right choice at all! Think about it, Amy is badly injured, that can’t be corrected easily. The right tact would have been to vote Amy out and then tell Brianna that Amy’s injury was the only thing that saved her. Give her a chance to change her ways. Strategically, this was one of the worst vote outs ever.

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