October 4 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 2

Week 2 of the Apprentice 4 kicked off with Kristi returning from the board room after her defeat of Melissa. She was a bit cockier than she deserved, but oh well.

This week the teams were told to come up with an advertising campaign for Lamborghini. The men thought they were assured a win because no one understands cars like men.

Do I really need to go into the gory details of how bad they lost? Didn’t think so.

The interesting part was that all the points the men lost on were pointed out by Markus, the idiotic project manager from last week. And all the mistakes he pointed out were decesions made by Mark, but when it came to the boardroom, Chris, this weeks PM, insisted on attacking Markus.

This led to one of the most fascinating moments in Apprentice history, in my opinion. Trump kept listening and asked Chris if it all really mattered because he didn’t feel Chris would bring Mark back into the room. Chris said he would not. Trump said this made no sense to him, but oh well, and asked Chris who he wanted to bring back. Chris said he only wanted to bring Markus back. rump shook his head and said fine.

Once back in the room, Trump cut loose on Chris for making such an emotional decesion. It was Mark who should have come back in, and in the end Trump was so angry he slapped his hand on the table before saying the usual “You’re fired!”. This time you could tell it was different. It was full of anger, and with good reason. He had flat out told Chris what to do, but he was so emotional he wouldn’t listen. Trump did warn Markus he thought he was a disaster, and he was sad because he feels Chris has potential, but this was by far the most emotional we have seen Trump get about a decesion.

Very interesting.

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