October 6 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 2

Amazing Race:Family Edition chugs along with more wrong turns, yelling parents and silly passwords.

The teams left the Rohrer Family Farm, the pit stop for leg one, and were instructed to drive to York, Pennsylvania and find Shoehouse Road, which, oddly enough, has the Haines Shoe House on it, and there they would find their next clue. Yes, a house shaped like a giant shoe…does anyone think the biggest ball of twine is going to be on this race all of a sudden?

The clue at the shoe house directed the teams to drive 110 miles to the reflecting pool in front of the nations capital. Here’s the problem, there are two reflecting pools in Washington D.C., the more famous one being between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Naturally, several teams headed there because it would be wrong to actually read the clue. So not only did the Gaghan family go there, they spent two hours there. It wasn’t until the Rogers family, recovering from a bad navigation mistake by their father, joing the Gaghans in last place and together they figured out there in the wrong place. Never share info…ever. This IS a race.

The teams then received a brief case from a man sitting in a limo on a nearby street. There’s a rough job. “What did you do at work today honey?” “Sat in a limo and handed out brief cases.” They were then to take the brief cases to the Tidal Basin where they would look for a “spy” who they would say the password “The sky is blue” and the “spy” would reply with “The sea is green” and they would switch briefcases. Wow…um…yeah. Wackiness. Weird roadblock if you ask me.

This clue led them to needed to drive 49 miles to the town of Middleburg and find Welbourne Manor, a historic antebellum home, in the countryside of Virginia. Awaiting them here was a detour. I will just copy from the CBS site for ease:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between two military duties common during the Civil War: Heat of the Battle and Heat of the Night. In Heat of the Battle, Teams had to take part in a full scale Civil War reenactment and use stretchers to transport five wounded soldiers off the battlefield into the surgical tent. In Heat of the Night, Teams had to roll a barrel of oil to a workstation where they had to fill 20 oil lamps, transport them to a table, and light all 20 for the quartermaster. After finishing their task, Teams would be handed a regimental flag that they had to carry down a winding road to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.”

Tough call. I would have gone with In Heat of the Battle. All the teams did well and it got down to the Paolo family and the Rogers family. I was really hoping the Paolo’s would be out, but sadly it was the Rogers.

Next week maybe we will get to see The House on the Rock or some other crazy place. And remember your passwords folks!

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