October 7 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 3

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart week 3 started off with the quickly-becoming-familiar scene of Jim and Dawn returning to the suite after another round in the conference room. They were saved this time by the quitter’s attitude of Chuck.

The rest of Team Matchstick sat eating dinner in the suite as they awaited the resuslts of Martha’s decesion. They were hoping for Dawn to be the one fired so that her negativity would leave their team. Gee…imagine their delight as Jim & Dawn walked back in to the room. There was lots of “Oh now we will pull this together!” bs, but you could tell it was all very forced. We also learned Jim actually found someone in this world to marry him, and not only that, they have created an offspring. That poor child. At this time the baby was unborn and Jim wished his wife good luck on her “task”. *blinks* Delivery is now referred to as a task? Um…ok.

The next morning the teams were to meet Martha at a photo shoot for her magazine “Martha Stewart Living Weddings“. The teams were informed that the wedding industry is a $72 Billion dollar a year business and they were to become a part of it. Each team was going to design an original wedding cake and then sell it at a bridal fair at Michael C. Fina, a leading bridal registry and retail store. They would be sent over to the Culinary Institute of America to bake their cakes with an assistant.

Once there, David became project manager for Matchstick and broke his team into two groups, bakers and market research. On the market research side, Shawn got the idea to call a top cake maker for ideas. She was told no cupcakes, and pink is big right now. Armed with this information, Shawn gaurenteed her team would win, and if not, she could could be the one fired! And yes, she said this in front of Martha’s CEO, Charles. Oh how I laughed. Also, during the baking portion of the task, Jim’s wife completed her “task” and delivered a little girl. Everyone “awwwed” and life went on.

Over at Primarius, Howie was project manager and set his team to researching Martha Stewarts websites for cake ideas. Hey, there’s an idea, go with proven concepts. There were some mis-steps with their team this time, such as Sarah not thinking a cake stand fell into her ‘presentation’ duties, but in the end they got together as always.

At the expo Primarius had gone with a more traditional looking cake while Matchstick had done an offset oval tower. Primarius had a lot of lookers and we saw at least one sale. Matchstick had a lot of lookers, and it looked like they might get a $3000 sale at one point.

Like with any recaps lately, I am not going to go into all the details, I write these more out of the fun of being snarky, so let me laugh heartily at the idea that Primarius sold five cakes and Matchstick sold….zero. Zip. Nada. None. The winning team was sent off for a meal with Donald Trump and his wife. Nice cross promotion.

So for the thrid time in a row, Matchstick was called in to the weekly “good-bye” session and while much discussion was made of Shawn’s comments about being fired if they lost. She respectfully withdrew those words, saying in her business of television news there was a saying of “fake it til you make it” and that was all false bravado. David sent her back to the suite to bring two of the baking team, Marcella and Dawn, back into the room for him for potential firing.

This is where it got amusing. As Martha, along with Alexis and Charles, pondered the firing, Martha decided that David’s decesion of who to bring back did not feel right. She felt the sales team belonged in the room, and she had all of Matchstick brought back in. She informed them all this was a sales problem. Once everyone was back in the room, Martha set loose on Shawn for her “fake it to you make it” comment as well as the boast in front of Charles.

Adios Shawn. I knew you wouldn’t last.

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