October 8 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 4

Well, I salute Mark Burnett, he got me to pay attention to Survivor Gautemala finally this week.

We started off learning that even though Nakum had the better camp, they were suffering from mosquitoes, heat and just being miserable. While Yaxha seemed relaxed in comparisson with just spending their time by the water catching minnows.

The reward challange was changed up this time with it being a “get-to-know-each-other” popularity contest essentially. Probst would ask the tribes a question to which they would write someones name on a piece of parchment. Whoevers name appeared the most would win something.

Upon arriving at the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that instead of a Challenge, the tribes had earned a little relief. Instead, they would be getting to know each other by answering certain questions about one another. The person’s name that appears most on the parchment will receive a gift from Jeff. First up, they were asked who needed nourishment. From Yaxha it was Jamie and from Nakum it was Danni. Jeff presented each with an apple.

Next up was who was the dirtiest. The votes came up Gary from Yaxha and Bobby Jon from Nakum were given time in an outdoor shower. The big one was which two people from each deserved to go sit atop a Mayan pyramid and have a picnic lunch. Judd & Margaret from Nakum and Gary & Amy from Yaxha won the deluxe lunch and were sent off to enjoy it. This is when Burnett pulled one of his masterful strokes.

With four Survivors out of the way, now was the time for a tribe switch up. The picnicers would return to their original tribes to find a major shake-up. The tribes now consisted of Stephenie, Jamie, Rafe, Lydia, Brooke, Cindy, Margaret and Judd for Nakum and Bobby Jon, Blake, Brandon, Danni, Brian, Gary and Amy for Yaxha. So lots of shifts, but the big one being Stephanie moving over. Maybe she would finally be on a winning tribe! Yeah, I know, I’m not holding my breath either.

During the picnic, Margaret asked Gary if he used to be an NFL quarterback, he denied it, keeping with his lie. Amy later said in a one-on-one interview that if he turns out he is, she will “kill him…freakin kill him.” This could be an amusing reunion show at the end!

As expected, the picnicers returned to a shock to see so many “new” faces sitting around their campfires. Over at the new Nakum, Stephanie and Jamie discussed who to first target to keep themselves safe. They were leaning towards Brooke or Margaret, but then Judd climbed the pyramid they were sitting on and talked with them. Without missing a beat, Stephanie started talking to Judd like he was already on their side for who would be booted. He jumped right in with them saying that he felt Brooke was the weaker link and should be first up. Excuse me? Judd is willing to turn on his tribe that fast? Does he have no strategic thinking what-so-ever when it comes to numbers? More on that later. Things weren’t much better over at the new Yaxha as a voting order was being quickly drawn up of who would go first.

Immunity rolled along and each team was to paddle their boat out, collect three bags of Mayan war clubs, come back to shore and throw them at three targets placed at 30, 40 and 50 feet. First tribe to break all three would win immunity. Nakum was in the early lead with, yes, Stephanie breaking the first target. Next up was Judd, who took forever to break a target and that allowed Yaxha to jump in to the lead and the eventual win. Yay Steph…you have to be the unluckiest person ever.

Before Tribal Council, Margaret tried explaining to Judd how the numbers system would work, and if that he sided with the new Nakum’s, he was setting himself up to go out in possibly four rounds. He said that gave him a lot to think about…but he didn’t. He sided with the Yaxha’s and it was bye-bye to Brooke. Smooth thinking there Judd, real smooth thinking.

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