October 9 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 3

Week 3 of the Apprentice 4started off with Excel Corp sure that Markus would be fired and Chris returning to the suite. Oops! It was amusing to watch their reactions though. There was a lukewarm reception for Markus, and a promise of a team that would work together harder.

Toral and Rebecca returned from the clinic, and sure enough, Rebecca was going to be on crutches for six weeks following her fall on the ice in the previous tasks reward. The next morning, at the assigning of the next task, Trump did offer her the option but she chose to stay. She offered to be Project Manager for her team in an effort to prove her worth. Randal stepped up for the men.

This weeks task was a new one, each team would put on a technology expo at a retirement home with items provided by Best Buy. Teams would be judged on comment cards filled out by people who attended the demonstrations. Each team decided to set up three technology stations.

The men went with a theme of “Connecting the Generations”, produced nice sinage, a good food spread and really engaged the senior citizens. And for once, it seems Markus found his niche by being a demonstration model for Tivo.

Over on the women’s side, Jennifer W had been put in charge of setting up the event as she had a background in event planning. Um…I hope no one ever actually paid her to do it. Badly setup, poor food, no sinage and a mis-spelled cake that said “Tetchno Expo”. *slow clap* Bravo. Toral also demonstrated that she knew nothing about running an HD Television, when she was supposed to be demonstrating how easy it was.

The men won and were sent out to give technology items to sick kids in a childrens ward. The girls came back to the board room and set about one of the oddest firings yet. Now, remember last week Trump fired Chris for not listening to his suggestion to bring Mark back in instead of Markus. This week, Rebecca spent most of her time protecting Toral and attacking Jennifer W. Trump hinted that Toral should come back in, but when Jennifer M joined in the attack on Toral, Rebecca decided both Jennifer’s would come back in and Toral would go back to the suite.

Now, in the end Jennifer W got fired, and she was horrible, but why did Trump allow Rebecca to get away with what he had fired Chris for the week before? Rebecca was highly ineffective as a leader, but Trump felt the most important aspect was the presentation to lure the seniors in. I don’t know, I would have been inclined to fire Rebecca, but it’s not my show, so who knows.

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