October 11 2005

Annoying Advertisements

Since this my 400th post (not days in a row), I thought it was time for a good old fashioned, totally random, rant.

The Creepy, Creepy Burger King

As anyone else as creeped out as I am by the Burger King? Egads I hate these commercials. It’s the way he just…APPEARS! He seems to mean malice to people, he’s creepy, he’s ugly and did I mention creepy? It was bad enough when the commercials just had people waking up in bed next to him, but now he’s showing up behind falling trees and at high rise construction sites. I can’t freakin’ stand him! If he’s accomplishing anything, he’s making me think negatively about Burger King! And the even worse part? Now you can buy a mask of him! EEK!

The other ads currently driving me nuts are the “Eat Beef” ads for Boston Market. Has anyone else noticed the people in the ads keep cutting the steak, shoving it in their mouth and never swallowing the bites they have taken? It’s like cut, put in mouth, chew three times, put in another piece. It actually makes my stomach turn just watching them. Is it any wonder the waist lines in this country are growing when you have commercials demonstrating gluttony at whole new levels?

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