October 12 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 3

Amazing Race:Family Edition took us into familiar territory today…airports. Oh how I have missed you in this race.

The teams began deprting the pit stop at 2:26 AM and learned they must take chauffer driven vans to Washington Dulles Airport and fly 500 miles to Charelston, SC and find a gazebo located in an area known as the Battery. The teams were tightly packed in their departure times and only two teams thought to borrow their drivers cell phones to call ahead, the Gaghan and Bransen families. Always a good move, not sure why only two teams thought of it though. At the actual airport you had the usual speculation of who was finding a better flight.

After everyone was booked, the Weavers, who are unfamiliar with air travel decided to ask some ticket agents some general questions about what to expect. This immediately drew the attention of other teams and when they were asked by Kevin, from the Aiello family, if they had found another flight, the Weavers refused to even answer. Shocked by such a response, the Aiellos shared this information with the Schroeder family who expressed a deep dislike for the Weavers.

This carried over to the waiting area as Hunter Schroeder talked and goofed around with Rolly Weaver as they are the same age. Char, Hunter’s step-mom, came over and told him to stop talking to him for fear of him spilling strategy. After she walked way, Hunter was heard to mumble to Rolly “She’s a bitch.” HELLO! Who thinks it was a fun time in the Schroeder houselhold after that aired? And Char had just told everyone how close she was with her step-children. Oops. Egg, say hello to the face.

As the teams arrived at the Gazebo they were presented with the leg’s detour. As usual, I cut to the CBS website for the description:

“Teams had to choose between Forrest Gump and Muddy Waters. In Forrest Gump, Teams needed to drive seven miles to a fresh seafood company, hop on a traditional shrimp boat and, using their hands, dehead 200 pounds of shrimp. While the location was nearby, working through 200 pounds of shrimp could take awhile. In Muddy Waters, Teams had to drive 37 miles to the Ridgeville Mud Run and jump in a 4×4 to drive round trip through a 400-foot gulley known as a mud bog to earn their clue. While the location was in another town and their 4×4 could get stuck in the mud, Teams with monster driving skills could finish fast.”

My personal choice would have been Muddy Waters. As the teams chose their destinations, the Linz family again demonstrated how three brothers and one sister can have problems as two of the brothers didn’t believe Megan has spotted the sign for the shrimp boats. Nice guys. The highlight of the detour was the Aiello’s fourteen attempts to get through the mud bog. You have to wonder when you would realize you were not meant to do a challange, especially when the Gaghan family got through on thier first try.

As the teams finihsed this detour, their clue directed them to the Charelston Visitor’s Center where they would sign up for one of two buses destined for an undisclosed location, departing two hours apart. Needless, to say, the teams on the first bus were in little danger of elimination. The second bus was treated to the Weaver family going slap happy for a period of time which was odd to watch.

The mystery destination was finally revealed to be Rocket Town, USA in Hunstville, AL, also known as Space Camp. Once there, they were thrown into a Roadblock that had two members of each team were directed to ride the centerfuge to a level of 3.2 G’s (or 3.2 times normal gravity). As this was first come, first served, each team were assigned a number to go in order. After the centerfuge, the teams were directed to anoter pare of the site where htey logged into AOL to receive a video email from Phil directing them to find him at the pit stop located next to the Space Shuttle Pathfinder mock-up.

The first team in was the Bransen family who were awarded a lifetime supply of free gas to each licensed driver in the team from BP and Arco stations. All I can say to that is wow! The last team to arrive was sadly the Aiellos, who I had been rooting for.

My only big comment on this has to be about the Weavers. How can you possibly go on something like the Amazing Race and not do at least a little research on taking flights? That just blew my mind.

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