October 13 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 4

Best moment of this weeks The Apprentice:Martha Stewart had to be the confused looks on the members of Primarius’ faces when they realized some of Matchsticks suitcases were back, but no one could find the team members. As they tried to puzzle out what had happened in the conference room (even wondering if the whole team had been fired), they quickly saw the return of the team minus Shawn. Some of them thought she was the only capable member of the team, if only they really knew the truth of how inept she was.

Moving into this weeks challange, it was decided that someone from Primarius was going to have to move over to Matchstick and try to lead them to a victory. Leslie was the only one to take up the challange. And the challange was an interesting one. Each team was given a suite at a Westin hotel and a team of eight workers to transform it in to a “renewal suite”. Amanda took up the position of project manager for Primarius.

After scoping out the suites, the teams set about designing their themes. I’ll just cut this portion short because it flat out dictated the winner. Primarius quickly came to a conclusion about their theme, a fun, game driven room for the business man on the go. They had it nailed down, got their workers on the job and got everything they needed ordered.

Matchstick, on the other hand, took six hours to design their theme that seemed to have no real purpose except to look pretty. Let me make no bones about it, the six hour delay falls squarely on Leslie’s shoulders for not making any tough calls. They wasted a good chunk of their construction crews day with nothing to do, and they got to Crate & Barrel with only minutes to spare to order their furniture. All of the furniture purchasing was left up to Bethenny, who, with the time she had, did a fantastic job.

The teams worked through the night, and up to the last minute, and at the last minute Matchstick realized Crate & Barrel had not delivered all their items, especially their couch. Technically Matchstick did not complete their task, but were still judged as if they had. The Westin executives, and a select group of frequent customers judged each room. On the Primarius room, one frequent customer said the greatest compliment he could pay the room was it did not look like a hotel room. Of the Matchstick room they said it reminded them of an early dorm room. Primarius won yet again.

In the conference room, Martha was torn over who to fire. Leslie had brought in Bethenny due to the couch delivery problem and Dawn for once again being argumanitive with the team. Martha admired Leslie for stepping up to help a losing team so made it fairly clear she wasn’t going. She wanted Bethenny to have been more assertive about the couch, but in the end Dawn had finally drawn Martha’s attention for being brought in to the room in all four challanges. While I admit to defending Dawn in the first task, ever since I have disagreed with everything she has done. So, adios Dawn, we won’t miss you.

The previews indicate a bigger shake up of the teams coming next week, with Jim really showing how large a pain-in-the-butt he is. About time people noticed him.

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