October 14 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 5

Oh how I had been waiting all week for this week’s Survivor Gautemala just to see how Judd’s old teammates would treat him after his betrayel at the tribal council last week. Needless to say, Cindy and Margaret were not happy with him, but he let them know he was not phased by this and he was here to do a job. Gee, how many times have we heard that before? A bunch I believe.

The tribes prepped themselves for the reward challange, which is becoming daunting in the 100 F degree heat each day. Both tribes lamented their lack of ability to swim in the lake due to the crocodiles that populate it. Well low and behold, Probst tells them part of their reward will be a croc proof cage they can get in to enjoy the water, complete with deck, lawn chairs and umbrella. They also would be receiving margaritas, chips and dips. Yes, when temps are that high, its a good idea to give them booze and dehydrate them more! Good thinking.

Reward involved one tribe member cutting through ropes with rocks to release two handles, then another tribe member would chop through a log to release two more handles. They would then go to the top of a ramp, and four more tribe members would insert the handles to crank a cart towards themselves. Once there, the six tribe members to work so far would get in the cart, the seventh tribe member would cut the remiaing rope, and the other six would go for a fun and fast ride. At the first station it was Brandon cutting for Yaxha, and Jamie for Nakum. Brandon made fast work of the ropes and Nakum moved on to station two while Jamie continued to work on the ropes. Bobby Jon chopped through the log like a champ and got the next two handles for Nakum. Jamie was still using his rocks. Up at the top, Amy, Blake, Brian and Gary turned the wheel to get the cart to the top…while Jamie continued using his rocks. The cart made it to the top, everyone but Danni jumped in and she cut the rope, sending the cart racing back down the hill…pass Jamie still using his rocks to cut the ropes. Bobby Jon did a silly little dance and Nakum headed home to victory, and Yaxha back to another defeat.

Back at the Nakum camp we saw their lovely crocodile cage and at Yaxhi we saw a lot of moeaning about the loss and Stephanie complaining about Bobby Jon’s winning antics, considering he knows how it is to lose just like her. The team was down, but they knew they were going to have to rally.

Over at Yaxha, the team basked in their new deck while Brandon told everyone stories of how wonderful his life was. Brian informed the confessional camera that this was great because it drew attention away from him. (He would learn differently later)

The morning of the immunity challange, Lydia woke up and decided she had to single-handidly cheer up her tribe to get them in a better mood for the upcoming immunity. We were treated to something that looked like an act from a play called “Tales of an Inasane Fish Monger”. The tribes then headed off to the challange which was a catapult launch. Each team had two teams of three members running around with nets to catch the missiles. The teams could catch the balls from either team, first team to five catches would win it. Low and behold, Stephanie was on a winning team! Someone alert Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Back at the Yaxha camp, the usual mis-directs were happening, but in the end the vote was 5-2 for Blake to go. The other 2 went to Brian. Now, this is what I find interesting, since the shake-up of the tribes, in both tribal councils, we have seen former Nakum members turning on each other, powering up the former Yaxha. What is up with this? Old tribe alliances are falling apart and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. What purpose is this serving and when will people realize this may come back to haunt them in the future.

And next week, it looks like Jamie and Bobby jon get into it. Yay!

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