October 15 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 4

This week opened with both teams of the Apprentice 4 standing around waiting to see the women return from the board room. They were all fairly certain that Rebecca would be the one fired since she hadn’t taken Toral back in with her. Surprise everyone, here comes Rebecca back.

The women sat down for a tame chat later so Rebecca could explain her reasoning. Kristi was point blank that she expected Toral to step up more in this task to pay Rebecca back for saving her behind. Toral said she would do what she could.

The task was set this week as coming up with a new mascot and promotional materials for Dairy Queen’s popular Blizzard brand of ice cream treats. Clay stepped up to lead the men and on the women’s side, Toral stepped up, then backed off, to lead the women. To end the arguing, Felisha finally said she would lead the team. You could tell the women were not impressed with Toral’s half-hearted attempt at stepping up, but they moved on.

The teams headed to Dairy Queen headquarters to start tossing around ideas for their characters. Clay turned into a dictator while Felisha demonstrated a total lack of advertising knowledge. The women came up with Zip the…well…no one was quite sure what Zip was except big-eyed and logoless. Who makes a mascot for a company without a company logo on them? And bonus points to Jennifer M. for being the one to bring this point up numerous times while they were designing their…thing.

Over on the men’s side, they came up with “Ginny the Blizzard Genie”. I will admit I was turned off by the concept at first because they seemed to be making her too sexy, but in the final design her assets were massively toned down from the original drawings. At the designers they asked who would be wearing the costume, and Mark, the self-confessed redneck stepped up. While the women, mainly the four I referred to as “The Blonde Squad”, Jennifer, Kristi, Alla, and Felisha, decided it should be Toral to wear the costume. They called her since she was still at DQ headquarters and asked her if she would. She said she had problems with the costume and felt it was degrading. Kristi was quick to say she was done with Toral and that she didn’t care what happened ot her from here on out. In the end, Kristi stepped into the costume.

Honestly, the episode was fairly boring because it was so much about the girls new found hatred for Toral, other things got overshadowed. The meeting to show off the characters were interesting since the DQ execs were quick to point out that Zip was too directed at children when the main demographic for Blizzards is teenagers and he lacked a DQ logo anywhere on him/her/it. Gee, didn’t Jennifer M. bring that up in the meeting? Thought so. The men hit it out of the ballpark with Ginny though as she had mass appeal, had a quickly noticed DQ logo on her and her hair even resembled soft-serve ice cream. I do have to say the fruit and cheese plate they brought to the meeting was over the top, but oh well, they got the win.

The prize for this week was a trip to Shay stadium to play baseball with the Mets and the men decided to give Clay immunity, even though he had been rather unbearable during the task. Mark informed the audience that dressing in drag got him time playing baseball with a major league team, he would dress in drag every day. You can now find Mark performing under the name Chantilly Lace down in the drag queen bars in New York. On a side note, the men of the Apprentice also won the game against the Mets, no big surprise. (yes folks, my tounge was firmly planted in my cheek on both of those last items.)

As the women prepared for yet another trip to the board room, Felisha made it clear that Toral was the cause for their loss because she was such a weak link. Let me be clear about this, I am not defending Toral, she was a waste, but to blame your entire loss on her is silly. Did the DQ execs say “Well, we were going to let you win, but then we spotted Toral wasn’t in the costume, so you lost.” No, you lost due to lack of market research and a lack of branding, both are items that rest firmly with the project manager, not with the weakest link in the team. As Felisha made the rounds to make sure everyone was on board with getting rid of Toral, Jennifer M. Did ask about the branding again, but was informed that was a team fault, not an single person’s fault. Right Felisha, you keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

Up in the board room, the lack of a logo again was brought up, but was quickly brushed off as everyone focused their attacks on Toral. Again, no defense of Toral, but I really don’t think this weeks loss can be blamed on her, but she made a large mistake when she changed how her objection to wearing the costume wasn’t just based on it being degrading, but also went against her religious convictions…..huh? Could someone please inform me which religion says you can’t wear silly costumes? Guess I missed that one when I read about religions. My bad. I think in the end, it was that change of story that sunk her with Trump. I do blame the loss on Felisha, but Toral was a weak link, and at this point, a liar. See ya later Toral, we won’t miss you.

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