October 17 2005

The Biggest Wi-Fi Cloud

Found this really interesting. Seems the largest wi-fi “hot spot” is 700 square miles of rural Oregon. Great idea for a test location for something this massive, but as the article states, I think they will have a hard time ever doing something like this in a major city like groups such as Google are trying. I think there will be too many complaints from the likes of SBC and the such, but I don’t care personally, this IS going to happen at some point.

I don’t think for a second that there won’t be some day in the future where I will be able to open up my laptop anywhere I want and log on to the net. Think of how that will change the world. VoIP anytime, anyplace? Instant messages in your car? (not while you are driving hopefully) Just as the internet changed business, this will change things just as much as no one will be locked down to a desk any more. You will also the price of laptops begin dropping radically as more and more people switch to just buying them for the conveniance.

The time is coming folks, and I for one can’t wait.

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