October 18 2005

Baby Born on Dutch Big Brother

The Netherlands are on their fifth edition of Big Brother, but they are on a global first….one of the contestants just gave birth in the house. Tanja, a 27 year old, aspiring lawyer, entered the house pregnant.

After some wrangling with the Dutch goverment, the newborn can be seen for a total of 8 hours over the course of the show. (it seems the baby hamster violated some actor’s union rules) For the time being, Joscelyn Savanna is being kept in a camera-free room where nurses watch over her and Tanja and the grandparents can visit her undisturbed.

According to the above linked article, this is part of a bizarre trend in Dutch television that also included a news journalist this week also snorting cocaine and then being interviewed about it. Fun place the Netherlands.

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