October 21 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 6

Time for keeping the folks of Survivor Gautemala on their toes again! This time it was a combined reward & immunity challange, but it was individual immunity since both tribes were heading to tribal council that night.

We started off over at Yaxha and a confused Brandon wondering how the 4 strong alliance of Nakum has faltered and voted out one of their own, Blake. Brandon approached the brain-trust known as Bobby Jon for an answer. He rambled a bit, but the final answer had to do with Blake annoying the tribe, and we were left with a puzzled looking Blake standing on their dock, not sure what to think.

At Nakum, it seemed their biggest problem was the neverending mosquito attacks. Well, that and the constant comments about what a sour-puss Margaret is.

The tribes showed up at their challange, expecting only the usual reward, but instead, Nakum had been ordered to bring the immunity idol with them. Jeff Probst took and explained all would be explained in a moment. The reward was a barbacue with hamburgers, hot dogs, root beer and beer. Stephanie’s rapid fire “ohmygodohmygodohmygod” was amusing. The challange was each tribe would send in a team of 2 people, they would then try to roll a giant ball in to the other teams end zone to score a point. First team to score 3 would win. In addition, the tribe to win would compete in the immunity competition for the first indvidual immunity. The winner of the immunity would also win the chance to watch the opposing tribes tribal council to learn info.

First up were Stephanie and Cindy vs. Amy and Danni. It was a good fight, but the Yaxha girls took it. Score 1-to-0. Next up were Judd and Jamie for Yaxha and Bobby Jon and Brandon for Nakum. Yaxha won, bringing the score to 1-to-1, but we were treated to Jamie and Bobby Jon getting into a shouting match complete with chest bumping. Next up were Gary and Amy for Yaxha against Staphanie and Judd. Amy fell and injured her ankle again allowing Nakum to score and making it 2-to-1. In the next round, Amy had to play again since it was all women, and somehow she battled past her injury to tie the score up once more. Final round no matter what had Nakum members Judd & Jamie scoring the winning point. Yaxha was sent home with no food and no chance at immunity.

Immunity was untie three bags of letters and use the contents to spell a two word phrase. After each bag was untied, they had to race back and put them on their bench, once all three bags were there, they could open the bags and work on the words. Everyone was fairly even, except for Judd who had trouble emptying his bags. He looked over at Rafe’s table, and repeatedly said “Ancient Ruins…Ancient Ruins”. Though he didn’t have his letters, he had figured out the words, and by saying it, this allowed Rafe to win.. I couldn’t tell if Judd was just working it out, or telling Rafe on purpose. He claimed he just blurted it out, but it seemed a tad odd.

Back at the Nakum camp, the BBQ was a big hit, but a beer went missing. Everyone was supposed to get two beers and one root beer. Some folks traded there beers to Judd for his root beer and hot dog, and no one could figure out what happened to Cindy’s second beer. It looked like Judd had drunk it, but he never fessed up and tried deflecting blame. It was ugly and stupid, but out there, it is important. Of course, in 114 degree heat, I’m not sure drinking beer is that wise any way, but oh well.

Nakum was the first tribe to go to tribal council and it turned in to the “Judd Vs. Maragaret Show”, to the point even Probst tried to comment on how odd it was, only to be cut off by Judd. In the end, Maragaret was the one to go and Rafe moved over to the jury benches and watched the Yaxha tribal council, which was much friendlier and everyone commenting on what a wonderful guy Brian is. Odd. Oh wait…could it be because they were trying to soften the blow of voting him out? Nah! Before they voted, Rafe was informed he was to go write down one of Yaxha’s names, awarding them with immunity. The name was put in an envolope in the voting urn and would not be revealed until the other voting was over. When it was clear Brian was leaving, Probst opened the envolope revealing Rafe had given immunity to Gary. I would have liked to know why he gave it to him, but oh well.

All in all, a good episode. I think this edition of Survivor just had to thin down the numbers to get to the interesting stuff.

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