October 22 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 5

The Apprentice 4 opened with the men awaiting the return of the the women’s team. The looks on their faces was priceless as the entire team came back at once, minus Toral. The women didn’t seem that interested in discussing what happened except amongst themselves to decide that “what happens in the board room, stays in the board room”. Thank you Las Vegas for giving us that now overused gem of a slogan.

The next morning the teams met Trump in the Grand Army Plaza. We also learned that Apprentice 1 winner Bill Rancic would be replacing George for this episode. Bill…buddy…what exactly is it you are doing for Trump anyway? Yes, I know they said you were “building” a new building for him, but you seem to spend more time on TV than anything. As the women can’t seem to catch a break, Trump wanted them to choose someone from the men’s team to come over and help them. Without hesitation they asked for Randal. That soft sobbing you hear in the background? That’s Randal crying his eyes out at the prospect of being stuck with these morons. Sorry folks, but that is about the only word befitting of this paticular group of women.

This weeks task was to design a parade float for the new Sony Pictures production Zathura, directed by Jon Favrau. Jon,buddy, go back to making Dinner For Five, have some respect for the great films you did like Swingers. Lord. Both teams went to meet with the director and Geoffrey Ammer from Sony. The men were first up, and project manager Brian immediately mis-prounced the name of the movie, which prompted an immediate twitch from Favrau. The men learned from this and moved on. The women had the same meeting, but no sign of project manager Jennifer M. messing up the name. (Funny side note,’s recap spelled Favrau’s first name “John”…oh irony, how I love thee.)

The men set about building their float to resemble the main element of the movie, the board game the film is named for. They also made a decesion to put the name as many places as possible as making sure people understand the title is an important aspect to any marketing for this movie. There was the usual ‘trouble’ with Markus, but honestly, I can’t tell if it’s really him or the other guys thinking there is a problem with him. Right now I am saying it is a mixture of the two.

Over on the women’s team…well…yeah. The on-going disaster did just that, continued to be a disaster. This week the source of trouble was mixed between Jennifer W. and Kristi. Oh no, the Blonde Sqaud was squabbling amongst themselves! The horror! Kristi came up with the concept for the float, which at first sounded decent, but then collapsed into insanity as no one had thought about scale. This was brought upduring construction, but only somewhat acknowledged. It was amusing to see how Randal was totally lost as to how this team even functioned. Jennifer M. also confronted Kristi about her lousy attitude and the stress level just rose from there.

Back on the me’s project, Markus finally talked to Brian about being marginalized, to which Brian basically said too bad. At the same time, Josh has enough of Markus and joined in the argument to say it was time for everyone to stop carrying Markus’ weight. Again, I have to ponder who is really 100% at fault here, but I think it may be a mixture.

As the teams prepared for the judging by Favareu and Ammer, Jennifer pulled something that just amazed me. She took three team members with her to a carpet store to get some red carpet for the presentation as she wanted it to feel like a movie premiere. Um….why does it take four people, at the last minute, to go get one piece of carpet that probably won’t even be noticed? Just curious. The men made an excellent presentation while the women…well…Jennifer M. never said the name of the movie correctly once. Yeah…you guessed it…mis-pronouncing the name, lack of branding and out of scale, the girls lost yet again. The prize for the men was to go in to a recording studio with hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean. What followed was an oddly painful, yet cool, scene of them recording an original song called “The Rubble Man” about project manager Brian.

Ah…the board room. I think the women are going to have their names engraved on these chairs. The board room really turned into a slug-fest between Jennifer M. and Kristi. Kristi said all the fault was Jen’s, and Jen said it was obnoxius style of Kristi that caused all the problems in the team. When Trump finally asked Jen who should come back in with her, she opted only to bring Kristi. Always a risky gamble to bring only one back in as it paid off with Kristi being fired because of her overall negative effect on the team no matter what role she played in the project.

Trump did hint at a major shakeup to the teams next week.

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