October 25 2005

An alternate ending?

I love DVD’s with alternate endings. It gives you a great insight into the thought process of the film makers. It lets you speculate what could have been and they are always interesting.

So, imagine my surprise while I was just watching Gilmore Girls (don’t laugh), and there was a Titanic – Special Collector\’s Edition DVD coming out. What caught my attention was “…with an alternate ending”. Um…excuse me? Is this the ending where the Titanic defeats the evil iceberg and discover it was a secret plot by a foreign power? How do you have an “alternate ending” for a story about…THE TITANIC? It is clear that James Cameron is insane. It also has 25 delted scenes, as if the movie wasn’t long enough already.

Everyone do me a favor, remember this will never be on my Amazon wishlist! If someone bought this for me…well…let’s just say you would need a doctor to remove it.

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