October 27 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 6

This weeks The Apprentice:Martha Stewart started off with Primarius wondering if it would be Jim or Jennifer would be returning from the conference room, obviouslly they were hoping it would be Jennifer. Oops! Sorry Charlie! The team took Jim aside and asked him if he could put everything behind him and he said he was willing to do so and work as hard as possible to win the next task.

As the teams relaxed, the doorbell began ringing. Howie finally answered the door to find Martha standing there wanting to stop by to say hello and check out the loft. Everyone was giddy by her visit until she asked to see their bedrooms. This caused Howie to book it to his bed to make it. What made this even funnier was that Howie’s wife had warned him this might happen and that he should keep his bed made. That will teach him to listen to his wife!

While Martha toured the loft she found Jim and talked with him for a few minutes. She informed him that she would like to see him as a project manager for the coming task. He said he would be up to the challange. Oh joy.

The next morning everyone was transported out to Martha’s Connecticut studios to learn what the next task would be. Eash team was being assigned four celebrity dog owners that they were to negotiate an experiance with. The events they negotiated would be auctioned off at the Beneful Celebrity Dog Auction which benefits Broadway Barks, a charity that helps homeless dogs and providing funds for New York animal shelters. The winning team would be the one to raise the most money. Primarius was assigned Paul & Amanda Sorvino, Susan Lucci, John Lithgow & Joanna Gleason and Todd Oldham. Matchstick were given Chad Pennington, Fran Drescher, Bruce Villanch & Jordan Ballard and Merv Griffin.

I won’t bore you with each indvidual negotiation, but they were interesting. Matchstick’s had two major problems. Their project manager, Marcela, was basically a lump in all the meetings, allowing her team mates to control everything. David was also a big zero in his meetings, and evern served as a distraction in the meeting with Merv Griffin when Mr. Griffin expressed displeasure at the fact David was typing on his laptop during the meeting, even though it was for taking notes. I would chalk that up to David’s age, but the idea of clicking keys in such an intimate setting would also drive me batty.

Over at Primarius, Jim was his usual, annoying, egotistical self. Proving this mostly at dinner by drinking far more than he should and not discussing the task, wasting valuable time. Otherwise his team did a wonderful job in spite of him.

As the auction went on, the race seemed strongly in Matchsticks favor, and Jim even started to talk of feeling like he would be the one to go. Sadly, the results ended up being Matchstick $40,350 to the $44,100 total of Primarius. Darn it! Jim won as project manager! At least it was all for a good cause.

Matchstick prepped to go the conference room and it was clearly going to be a battle between David and Marcela as to who was going to be the one to go. David felt it was ok for him to sit back, but Charles, Martha’s CEO, pointed out that maybe he could have contributed an idea that would have given em the winning amount they needed. The team leaned towards Marcela being the one to go while Marcela felt David should be the one to go. Martha finally sent everyone back to loft except for David and Marcela.

As she brought them back in to the room, she asked each why they should be the one to stay. David brought up that he wanted to rework Martha’s internet strategy and Marcela said she wanted this job more than anything and felt she would be a better fit. In the end, David was sent home, but there was some discussion after he left of putting him in contact with Martha’s internet division about his ideas he had stated so nicely. He might have a future yet.


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