October 28 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 7

Survivor Gautemala opened this week with the Nakum tribe returning from their heated tribal council where Judd and Margaret had gone after each other with such vigor. Judd expressed happiness at her ouster, mentioning how she has just pushed all of his buttons. Sorry Judd, but I think you pushed some of your own buttons in that fight.

The Yaxha tribe was tribe was having some trouble as some of them got some pretty nasty injuries from last weeks immunity challange with the giant ball. Bobby Jon had a really nasty injusry on his upper right shoulder that when he tried to take his shirt off, it actually had blended in with the wound. As he took the shirt off, he was pulling away the early stages of his scab. Looked painful. We also learned that Brandon’s shoulers also carried similar injuries.

The teams went to the reward challange which was…well…to be blunt, it was odd. There were four poles set up. A team mate would talk up to a pole, hook on to the fabric, and then spin, wrapping themselves up. That person would then move to pole #2, hook on again, and be joined by a second person and they would wrap up together and so on until pole #4. Once all four were wrapped, you could then unwrap yourselves. First tribe to get everyone on to their mat would win reward. Long story short, Yaxha won. Reward was a zip-line ride through the trees, ending at a chocolate buffet. Reasoning behind this being that the Mayans discovered chocolate.

On Yaxha’s way back from their reward, they decided to stop and ask Nakum if they would like to come back to the pool they had won previously to celebrate Danni’s birthday and share in some of the sweets from the reward. Nakum aggreed and went over. We got treated to a very sullen and pissed-off Jamie who felt it was wrong for them to associate with the other tribe like this. He finally put a kaboosh on the going ons by reminding everyone they needed to get their camps ready for the night. The anger on Stephanie’s face was fairly obvious.

The immunity challange was a giant team puzzle that members collected that pieces and then assembled. The puzzles had the name of their tribe on it and looked like the ancient Mayan calanders. Nakum took an early lead and held it to bring home a victory, sending Yaxha to tribal council.

Amy and Gary were feeling outnumbered, but were unsure of what to do to swing votes over to oust Bobby Jon. There was a fleeting hope when Amy and Danni talked, but it didn’t last long and Amy was sent home.

As the tribe prepared to leave the tribal council area, Probst stopped them and informed them they would not be going back to the Yaxha camp as they were being merged with Nakum. He handed them their new buffs and told them all of their items would be moved over. This is the first time the merge has happened in this fashion and you could see the tribe was shook by this turn of events. That’s what Survivor is all about folks.

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