October 29 2005

Exciting new music

You know, I love music, and I am always for helping out in promoting exciting new bands. So, have you heard about Prussian Blue? You haven’t? Well, they are twin girls from California and are just as cute as can be! Their names are Lynx and Lamb, and I think they are going to be tearing up the charts soon with their unique music. Why, they even already are doing some modelling!

Oh…did I forget to mention they are white supremacists? Silly me! Yep, you read that right folks, these new Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wanna-bes are singing all about their pure aryan heritage and spreading their own special breed of hate for all non-aryans.

Why do I even bring this up? Well, for some odd reason, the mainstream media picked up a story on them this week. It even got as far as being mentioned in this weeks episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. Why the media picked up on this, I have no idea, but is fine by me that people know this sort of thing is going on.

Yes, the USA does have the freedom of speech, and they have every right to say what ever disgusting, vile thing they want to. What disgusts me is that they are being used in such a way, and I do mean “used”. It disgusts me even more they have a fan base. The idea of using children to promote such a venomous message is, I hate to use the word again, disgusting. These are children. If they want a musical career, fine, let them sing about what kids care about, but to use them as what boils down to poster children for such a polarizing subject just turns my stomach.

What prompted me to write this entry though was a story on their official web site about how their apperance at the Kern County Fair in Bakersfield had been cancelled due to “security concerns” (all quotes come from the information posted on the Prussian Blue website). It seems that Lynx and Lamb had some of their friends hand out flyers about their upcoming apperance at school. A female student who “disagreed with their politics” informed their mother, and the mother was the one to express concerns to “the public censors at The Californian“. The Californian then went on to inform the fair officials and that is how the show got cancelled. Now, the account on the web site also says how sad their friends were that the show had been cancelled because so many of them had planned on attending.

Wow…I’m speechless. Is there a growing youth movement of hatred I am unaware of? The biggest thing going when I was in school was who was going to buy the booze that weekend. I can’t remember even once going “Hey gang, let’s hop in our cars and drive down to the local fair to hear our friends sing songs about white supremacy! YAY!” You can check out their…lyrics…here. For the record, I did listen to a 44 second clip of a song from their second album that they are working on. Um…not to be mean, but…I think someone stepped on a cat’s tail and called it singing. They can’t hold a tune, can’t harmonize and they are so heavily filtered by the mixing that it is just a mess.

I guess to sum it up, I feel bad for these girls. All parents influence their kids, I know mine did, and I am sure they would have gotten at least some of this thinking in their heads anyway. Using them as poster children for such a movement though…I just hope they can get over it someday.

(I also find it interesting to note the family mentions several times the girls are home-schooled, yet, somehow, they won awards from “their school” last year.)

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  • Tom

    “The biggest thing going when I was in school was who was going to buy the booze that weekend.”

    Well think about that for a minute pitiful idiot. You and most of the people at your school spent their weekends partying and drinking while your race is being replaced by the masses from the third world and mexico. You fiddle while Rome burns

  • I wondered when you folks would show up. I am 34 now thank you, and I am far from fiddling. But thanks for resorting to insults in your first sentance. Says a lot for you doesn’t it?

  • Emi_metallium

    Tom, shut your pie hole. This country was made of people from all different races and countries. It’s what it was and will always be. If we’re gonna say that even the third world people and mexicans can’t be here then that’s the same as saying you can’t be here. Oh, and by the way, go back to what ever tar pit your ancestors crawled out of, tom.

  • Hooligirl

    Prussian Blue The truth the Gaedes dont want you to hear about.

    EDITED BY SEAN TO REMOVE LINK:After reading the site some more, I prefer not to have potentially slanderous information linked to my site.

  • Lot of information there to read through, thanks for the link.

  • Steve Broderick

    Quoted from some other site, it was some guy’s response to a fascist untermensch who was recommending him a Pissing Blue cd:

    “william cotter Says:

    March 11th, 2006 at 3:51 pm
    I am an extremely proud white (TRUE AMERICAN)man who happens to be quite educated and well off. My family were among the first from England to settle America. My country means everything to me, so forgive me for my rather strong opinion on this issue. i incidentaly happen to be a proud north-easterner. Listen up carefully all you scumtastic nazi-loving fascist hate-mongering “rebels.” We, and when i say we, i am referring to northerners, allowed you national traitors to fucking live after the great cival war. My great great grandfather personally cut down and sent to hell a veritable truckload of you bastards. Be grateful that you werent all rounded up and drowned in the damn ocean. Through years of struggle, war, and national conference we as American citizens have galvanized and made virtually permanent the values that regulate our society. Values like capitalism, christianity, freedome, liberty, and yes tolerance for our kind, many many of which dont happen to be white, Americans come in many races. Our national strength comes from our unity and adherance to our core values, not from the mindless divisive ignorance pawned off as pride by the likes of your kind. Damn, i kind of wish that a war would break out again, because it just might be time to purge all of you anti-american cockroaches out of our beautiful homeland. This is tha land of Washington, Lincoln, Luther King, Kennedy, and many more. This is not the land of Hitler, Mousillini, or any other sub-human force of medeocraty and national decline. I prey all your days come quickly so that my christian god will judge you good and proper.”

    Need any more be said?

  • Steve –

    Nope, not really, that pretty much the way it should be summed up. They tend to forget that it is the current version of the USA, which they can’t stand, that afords them the liberty to say these things.

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