The Apprentice:Martha Stewart started off with a major shake-up to the teams. Martha first asked who on Primarius had not yet been project managers, and from those she selected Ryan to head the new Matchstick and Jennifer to lead the new version of Primarius. She then asked them to choose their teams in a school… read more

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October 19 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 4

Amazing Race:Family Edition started where it left off, at the Space Shuttle Pathfinder mock-up at Rocket Town, USA in Hunstville, AL, also known as Space Camp. The teams were instructed to drive 100 miles to Anniston, AL and locate the world?s largest office chair, a roadside attraction built 24 years ago. I tell ya, the… read more


The Netherlands are on their fifth edition of Big Brother, but they are on a global first….one of the contestants just gave birth in the house. Tanja, a 27 year old, aspiring lawyer, entered the house pregnant. After some wrangling with the Dutch goverment, the newborn can be seen for a total of 8 hours… read more

Found this really interesting. Seems the largest wi-fi “hot spot” is 700 square miles of rural Oregon. Great idea for a test location for something this massive, but as the article states, I think they will have a hard time ever doing something like this in a major city like groups such as Google are… read more


October 16 2005

Blog thingy

Stolen from hambam 1. What did you do last night? Cured cancer, ran a marathon and dined in Paris….or maybe I just sat here watching TV 2. Who was the last person you called? Brian 3. What does the 5th text on your phone say? Nothing since I don’t have text messaging. 4. When was… read more

I can not stress this enough, I do not agree with neo-Nazis, white supremacists or any of their ilk. I think a fun evening would be to transport them all back to 1940’s Germany and mark them as being Jewish to see how they enjoy it. That being said, what in the world happened in… read more

It amazes me how little coverage some of the other global disasters are getting as of late. You can’t turn on the TV without hearing about the POSSIBLE (and I mean to stress that) pandemic of the Asian Bird Flu, but you are hearing so little, in comparisson, about the death toll from the earthquake… read more

This week opened with both teams of the Apprentice 4 standing around waiting to see the women return from the board room. They were all fairly certain that Rebecca would be the one fired since she hadn’t taken Toral back in with her. Surprise everyone, here comes Rebecca back. The women sat down for a… read more


Oh how I had been waiting all week for this week’s Survivor Gautemala just to see how Judd’s old teammates would treat him after his betrayel at the tribal council last week. Needless to say, Cindy and Margaret were not happy with him, but he let them know he was not phased by this and… read more

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Best moment of this weeks The Apprentice:Martha Stewart had to be the confused looks on the members of Primarius’ faces when they realized some of Matchsticks suitcases were back, but no one could find the team members. As they tried to puzzle out what had happened in the conference room (even wondering if the whole… read more

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At the speed Apple is coming out with new iPods, you have to wonder when you should just hold your purchase and wait a month. Back on September 7th, they announced the iPod Nano, now comes the regular iPods with video playback. White versions in 30GB & 60GB and black versions in 30GB & 60GB… read more


October 12 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 3

Amazing Race:Family Edition took us into familiar territory today…airports. Oh how I have missed you in this race. The teams began deprting the pit stop at 2:26 AM and learned they must take chauffer driven vans to Washington Dulles Airport and fly 500 miles to Charelston, SC and find a gazebo located in an area… read more