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Why is it my business partners can never IM me before they hit the Skype button to see if I’m busy? Here I am, enjoying a free Green Day concert on AOL’s web site when out of the blue they both start ringing my Skype, which causes an outrageously loud phone ringing sound in my ear. Thanks guys. (Which I use loosely since one is a guy and one is a girl)

Oh well, the concert was enjoyable for the whole two songs I got to watch. (American Idiot and Jesus of Surberbia)


Sumo wrestlers grapple in Las Vegas tournament – Yahoo! News

Oh this just kills me! I love Sumo wrestling and I knew nothing about this! The article mentions the wrestlers standing in line for the buffet meals at Mandalay Bay. I can just picture the chefs back in the kitchens, huddled together, trembling in fear. “No! Send them away! SEND THEM AWAY!”


Since this my 400th post (not days in a row), I thought it was time for a good old fashioned, totally random, rant.

The Creepy, Creepy Burger King

As anyone else as creeped out as I am by the Burger King? Egads I hate these commercials. It’s the way he just…APPEARS! He seems to mean malice to people, he’s creepy, he’s ugly and did I mention creepy? It was bad enough when the commercials just had people waking up in bed next to him, but now he’s showing up behind falling trees and at high rise construction sites. I can’t freakin’ stand him! If he’s accomplishing anything, he’s making me think negatively about Burger King! And the even worse part? Now you can buy a mask of him! EEK!

The other ads currently driving me nuts are the “Eat Beef” ads for Boston Market. Has anyone else noticed the people in the ads keep cutting the steak, shoving it in their mouth and never swallowing the bites they have taken? It’s like cut, put in mouth, chew three times, put in another piece. It actually makes my stomach turn just watching them. Is it any wonder the waist lines in this country are growing when you have commercials demonstrating gluttony at whole new levels?

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Ah, Columbus Day, the day we set aside each year to celebrate a lie. It always warms my heart.

People tend to forget that Christopher Columbus wasn’t looking for North America when he landed here, he was looking for the West Indies. Quite the navigator there. He also believed, until his death, that the entire time he was in this area that he was exploring the Eastern coast of Asia.

Never mind the fact that he also took the indeginous people as slaves and shipped them back to Spain, against the Crowns wishes. Never mind that colonists he brought over here rebelled against him when the New World didn’t come close to what he described. No, no, all thosee things are just a-ok for a man we should honor with a govermental and banking holiday.

The biggest offense to me is that he was far from the first person to “discover” the Americas. (how does one “discover” a place that is already inhabited?) The Siberians crossed the land bridge with Alaska as early as 70,000 BC, and it was those crossings that gave us the Native Americans. There were numerous other occurances of people coming to the Americas, but one of the most well documented was Leifur Eir?ksson in 1005 when he sailed from Iceland to North America and travelled down the coast. Gee…does that come before 1492?

Yet, history textbooks still hail him as the man who “discovered” America. Why is beyond me, but a friend pointed me to a wonderful book called “Lies My Teacher Told Me : Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong“that spends an entire chapter delving into this very matter. Fascinating stuff.

If you want to credit Columbus with something, just say that he brought the America’s to the attention of Europe, but leave it at that.

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I would be remiss if I did not bring up the South Asia Earthquake of this weekend. The death toll stands at 20,000 in Pakistan alone, and is expected to rise. India has reported 600 dead and Afghanistan is reporting four people so far.

The hardest hit area is Pakistan controlled Kashmir, which has been the center of a long running dispute with India. Though India and Pakistan are still at odds, India is offering aid to Pakistan in this time of crisis.

Other countries are rushing to help. The USA has moved six helicopters in to help with rescue efforts, and pledged an initial pledge of aid of $50 Million. You can read about other countries pledges of help here. (Very dated story as it is from the earliest hours of the tragedy)

If you add this in with the Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami of December 26th, 2004, this has not been a good 10 months for Asia.


Week 3 of the Apprentice 4started off with Excel Corp sure that Markus would be fired and Chris returning to the suite. Oops! It was amusing to watch their reactions though. There was a lukewarm reception for Markus, and a promise of a team that would work together harder.

Toral and Rebecca returned from the clinic, and sure enough, Rebecca was going to be on crutches for six weeks following her fall on the ice in the previous tasks reward. The next morning, at the assigning of the next task, Trump did offer her the option but she chose to stay. She offered to be Project Manager for her team in an effort to prove her worth. Randal stepped up for the men.

This weeks task was a new one, each team would put on a technology expo at a retirement home with items provided by Best Buy. Teams would be judged on comment cards filled out by people who attended the demonstrations. Each team decided to set up three technology stations.

The men went with a theme of “Connecting the Generations”, produced nice sinage, a good food spread and really engaged the senior citizens. And for once, it seems Markus found his niche by being a demonstration model for Tivo.

Over on the women’s side, Jennifer W had been put in charge of setting up the event as she had a background in event planning. Um…I hope no one ever actually paid her to do it. Badly setup, poor food, no sinage and a mis-spelled cake that said “Tetchno Expo”. *slow clap* Bravo. Toral also demonstrated that she knew nothing about running an HD Television, when she was supposed to be demonstrating how easy it was.

The men won and were sent out to give technology items to sick kids in a childrens ward. The girls came back to the board room and set about one of the oddest firings yet. Now, remember last week Trump fired Chris for not listening to his suggestion to bring Mark back in instead of Markus. This week, Rebecca spent most of her time protecting Toral and attacking Jennifer W. Trump hinted that Toral should come back in, but when Jennifer M joined in the attack on Toral, Rebecca decided both Jennifer’s would come back in and Toral would go back to the suite.

Now, in the end Jennifer W got fired, and she was horrible, but why did Trump allow Rebecca to get away with what he had fired Chris for the week before? Rebecca was highly ineffective as a leader, but Trump felt the most important aspect was the presentation to lure the seniors in. I don’t know, I would have been inclined to fire Rebecca, but it’s not my show, so who knows.


Well, I salute Mark Burnett, he got me to pay attention to Survivor Gautemala finally this week.

We started off learning that even though Nakum had the better camp, they were suffering from mosquitoes, heat and just being miserable. While Yaxha seemed relaxed in comparisson with just spending their time by the water catching minnows.

The reward challange was changed up this time with it being a “get-to-know-each-other” popularity contest essentially. Probst would ask the tribes a question to which they would write someones name on a piece of parchment. Whoevers name appeared the most would win something.

Upon arriving at the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that instead of a Challenge, the tribes had earned a little relief. Instead, they would be getting to know each other by answering certain questions about one another. The person’s name that appears most on the parchment will receive a gift from Jeff. First up, they were asked who needed nourishment. From Yaxha it was Jamie and from Nakum it was Danni. Jeff presented each with an apple.

Next up was who was the dirtiest. The votes came up Gary from Yaxha and Bobby Jon from Nakum were given time in an outdoor shower. The big one was which two people from each deserved to go sit atop a Mayan pyramid and have a picnic lunch. Judd & Margaret from Nakum and Gary & Amy from Yaxha won the deluxe lunch and were sent off to enjoy it. This is when Burnett pulled one of his masterful strokes.

With four Survivors out of the way, now was the time for a tribe switch up. The picnicers would return to their original tribes to find a major shake-up. The tribes now consisted of Stephenie, Jamie, Rafe, Lydia, Brooke, Cindy, Margaret and Judd for Nakum and Bobby Jon, Blake, Brandon, Danni, Brian, Gary and Amy for Yaxha. So lots of shifts, but the big one being Stephanie moving over. Maybe she would finally be on a winning tribe! Yeah, I know, I’m not holding my breath either.

During the picnic, Margaret asked Gary if he used to be an NFL quarterback, he denied it, keeping with his lie. Amy later said in a one-on-one interview that if he turns out he is, she will “kill him…freakin kill him.” This could be an amusing reunion show at the end!

As expected, the picnicers returned to a shock to see so many “new” faces sitting around their campfires. Over at the new Nakum, Stephanie and Jamie discussed who to first target to keep themselves safe. They were leaning towards Brooke or Margaret, but then Judd climbed the pyramid they were sitting on and talked with them. Without missing a beat, Stephanie started talking to Judd like he was already on their side for who would be booted. He jumped right in with them saying that he felt Brooke was the weaker link and should be first up. Excuse me? Judd is willing to turn on his tribe that fast? Does he have no strategic thinking what-so-ever when it comes to numbers? More on that later. Things weren’t much better over at the new Yaxha as a voting order was being quickly drawn up of who would go first.

Immunity rolled along and each team was to paddle their boat out, collect three bags of Mayan war clubs, come back to shore and throw them at three targets placed at 30, 40 and 50 feet. First tribe to break all three would win immunity. Nakum was in the early lead with, yes, Stephanie breaking the first target. Next up was Judd, who took forever to break a target and that allowed Yaxha to jump in to the lead and the eventual win. Yay Steph…you have to be the unluckiest person ever.

Before Tribal Council, Margaret tried explaining to Judd how the numbers system would work, and if that he sided with the new Nakum’s, he was setting himself up to go out in possibly four rounds. He said that gave him a lot to think about…but he didn’t. He sided with the Yaxha’s and it was bye-bye to Brooke. Smooth thinking there Judd, real smooth thinking.

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Edited to add: He was later found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.  Good riddance. 

This is not a joke, a hoax or anything else. Have you seen this man?

His name is Melvin Keeling and he murdered a 13 year old girl who was slated to testify against him in a sexual molestation case on his own daughter. This girl is related to a friend of mine. This is a disgusting crime no matter what, but I have a personal beef in this case. After murdering the 13 year old girl, he went to kill two convenience store clerks. Please go read the case file posted by America’s Most Wanted here.

If you see him, do NOT approach him, he is considered armed and dangerous. Please call your local authorities or AMW at 1-800-CRIME-TV. This “man” (and I use the term lightly) must be brought to justice.


The Apprentice:Martha Stewart week 3 started off with the quickly-becoming-familiar scene of Jim and Dawn returning to the suite after another round in the conference room. They were saved this time by the quitter’s attitude of Chuck.

The rest of Team Matchstick sat eating dinner in the suite as they awaited the resuslts of Martha’s decesion. They were hoping for Dawn to be the one fired so that her negativity would leave their team. Gee…imagine their delight as Jim & Dawn walked back in to the room. There was lots of “Oh now we will pull this together!” bs, but you could tell it was all very forced. We also learned Jim actually found someone in this world to marry him, and not only that, they have created an offspring. That poor child. At this time the baby was unborn and Jim wished his wife good luck on her “task”. *blinks* Delivery is now referred to as a task? Um…ok.

The next morning the teams were to meet Martha at a photo shoot for her magazine “Martha Stewart Living Weddings“. The teams were informed that the wedding industry is a $72 Billion dollar a year business and they were to become a part of it. Each team was going to design an original wedding cake and then sell it at a bridal fair at Michael C. Fina, a leading bridal registry and retail store. They would be sent over to the Culinary Institute of America to bake their cakes with an assistant.

Once there, David became project manager for Matchstick and broke his team into two groups, bakers and market research. On the market research side, Shawn got the idea to call a top cake maker for ideas. She was told no cupcakes, and pink is big right now. Armed with this information, Shawn gaurenteed her team would win, and if not, she could could be the one fired! And yes, she said this in front of Martha’s CEO, Charles. Oh how I laughed. Also, during the baking portion of the task, Jim’s wife completed her “task” and delivered a little girl. Everyone “awwwed” and life went on.

Over at Primarius, Howie was project manager and set his team to researching Martha Stewarts websites for cake ideas. Hey, there’s an idea, go with proven concepts. There were some mis-steps with their team this time, such as Sarah not thinking a cake stand fell into her ‘presentation’ duties, but in the end they got together as always.

At the expo Primarius had gone with a more traditional looking cake while Matchstick had done an offset oval tower. Primarius had a lot of lookers and we saw at least one sale. Matchstick had a lot of lookers, and it looked like they might get a $3000 sale at one point.

Like with any recaps lately, I am not going to go into all the details, I write these more out of the fun of being snarky, so let me laugh heartily at the idea that Primarius sold five cakes and Matchstick sold….zero. Zip. Nada. None. The winning team was sent off for a meal with Donald Trump and his wife. Nice cross promotion.

So for the thrid time in a row, Matchstick was called in to the weekly “good-bye” session and while much discussion was made of Shawn’s comments about being fired if they lost. She respectfully withdrew those words, saying in her business of television news there was a saying of “fake it til you make it” and that was all false bravado. David sent her back to the suite to bring two of the baking team, Marcella and Dawn, back into the room for him for potential firing.

This is where it got amusing. As Martha, along with Alexis and Charles, pondered the firing, Martha decided that David’s decesion of who to bring back did not feel right. She felt the sales team belonged in the room, and she had all of Matchstick brought back in. She informed them all this was a sales problem. Once everyone was back in the room, Martha set loose on Shawn for her “fake it to you make it” comment as well as the boast in front of Charles.

Adios Shawn. I knew you wouldn’t last.

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Amazing Race:Family Edition chugs along with more wrong turns, yelling parents and silly passwords.

The teams left the Rohrer Family Farm, the pit stop for leg one, and were instructed to drive to York, Pennsylvania and find Shoehouse Road, which, oddly enough, has the Haines Shoe House on it, and there they would find their next clue. Yes, a house shaped like a giant shoe…does anyone think the biggest ball of twine is going to be on this race all of a sudden?

The clue at the shoe house directed the teams to drive 110 miles to the reflecting pool in front of the nations capital. Here’s the problem, there are two reflecting pools in Washington D.C., the more famous one being between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Naturally, several teams headed there because it would be wrong to actually read the clue. So not only did the Gaghan family go there, they spent two hours there. It wasn’t until the Rogers family, recovering from a bad navigation mistake by their father, joing the Gaghans in last place and together they figured out there in the wrong place. Never share info…ever. This IS a race.

The teams then received a brief case from a man sitting in a limo on a nearby street. There’s a rough job. “What did you do at work today honey?” “Sat in a limo and handed out brief cases.” They were then to take the brief cases to the Tidal Basin where they would look for a “spy” who they would say the password “The sky is blue” and the “spy” would reply with “The sea is green” and they would switch briefcases. Wow…um…yeah. Wackiness. Weird roadblock if you ask me.

This clue led them to needed to drive 49 miles to the town of Middleburg and find Welbourne Manor, a historic antebellum home, in the countryside of Virginia. Awaiting them here was a detour. I will just copy from the CBS site for ease:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between two military duties common during the Civil War: Heat of the Battle and Heat of the Night. In Heat of the Battle, Teams had to take part in a full scale Civil War reenactment and use stretchers to transport five wounded soldiers off the battlefield into the surgical tent. In Heat of the Night, Teams had to roll a barrel of oil to a workstation where they had to fill 20 oil lamps, transport them to a table, and light all 20 for the quartermaster. After finishing their task, Teams would be handed a regimental flag that they had to carry down a winding road to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.”

Tough call. I would have gone with In Heat of the Battle. All the teams did well and it got down to the Paolo family and the Rogers family. I was really hoping the Paolo’s would be out, but sadly it was the Rogers.

Next week maybe we will get to see The House on the Rock or some other crazy place. And remember your passwords folks!

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My laptop died last week, and sharing a computer with the family is not working out well. It looks like the new laptop won’t be here until next week sometime…lucky me.

The Eustachian tube is an evil, evil part of your body. When it hurts, it screws up your entire head. Mine are enflamed right now and it is just making me miserable.

And other things in my life are just odd.


Week 2 of the Apprentice 4 kicked off with Kristi returning from the board room after her defeat of Melissa. She was a bit cockier than she deserved, but oh well.

This week the teams were told to come up with an advertising campaign for Lamborghini. The men thought they were assured a win because no one understands cars like men.

Do I really need to go into the gory details of how bad they lost? Didn’t think so.

The interesting part was that all the points the men lost on were pointed out by Markus, the idiotic project manager from last week. And all the mistakes he pointed out were decesions made by Mark, but when it came to the boardroom, Chris, this weeks PM, insisted on attacking Markus.

This led to one of the most fascinating moments in Apprentice history, in my opinion. Trump kept listening and asked Chris if it all really mattered because he didn’t feel Chris would bring Mark back into the room. Chris said he would not. Trump said this made no sense to him, but oh well, and asked Chris who he wanted to bring back. Chris said he only wanted to bring Markus back. rump shook his head and said fine.

Once back in the room, Trump cut loose on Chris for making such an emotional decesion. It was Mark who should have come back in, and in the end Trump was so angry he slapped his hand on the table before saying the usual “You’re fired!”. This time you could tell it was different. It was full of anger, and with good reason. He had flat out told Chris what to do, but he was so emotional he wouldn’t listen. Trump did warn Markus he thought he was a disaster, and he was sad because he feels Chris has potential, but this was by far the most emotional we have seen Trump get about a decesion.

Very interesting.