November 3 2005

Brown Discussed Wardrobe During Katrina

Just ran across this story on Yahoo News. It seems that Michael Brown, the former head of FEMA, spent the first few hours of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy discussing his wardrobe with other FEMA employees according to internal emails released today. As he was doing this, he was also receiving emails from Marty Bahamonde, another FEMA official, telling him of the worsening situation in New Orleans. Mr. Brown also made jokes about wanting to go home and quitting his job.

If you add this to the testimony given recently by Mr. Bahamonde, and the emails of his that were released, it paints a picture of not only an inept Michael Brown, but possibly also a criminal. Mr. Brown testified before the Senate Committee that he was not aware until several days after the storm hit how bad things were in New Orleans. It now appears he was getting updates as early as one day before the storm hit. While doing media interviews about the dire situation at the city convention center, he claimed to be unaware of anyone being at the convention center until four days after they first showed up. Evidence now shows he had emails at least two days before that informing him of the worsening situation.

It is now more evident than ever that this man should have never been put in the position of Director of FEMA. He was hired away the International Arabian Horse Association for crying out loud! I can not begin to describe how much this entire situation disgusts me, but if nothing ever happens to this man for his total lack of concern, skill and contemptious behavior, that will be an even deeper cut to the victims of this hurricane.

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