November 3 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 7

Martha Stewart Apprentice started off with Matchstick wondering if it would be Marcela, or David coming through the door, but the obvious hope was for David. When Marcela walked in, you could tell the team wasn’t thrilled, but Marcela offered the olive branch and said she was just ready to move on.

Over at Primarius, they had already chosen Sarah to be Project Manager, and she in turn picked Carrie to be her second-in-command. They tried pre-planning their strategy for the next day, even though they had no clue what the task would be.

The next morning, Martha was unable to meet with the teams, but instead sent them to meet with Peter Arnell, the Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Arnell Group, a company specializing in brand indentity. Their task was to come up with a mobile advertisement for Tide To Go, the new stain eliminating pen from the makers of Tide. They would work from the back of a flatbed truck and the team to generate the most buzz around the city, as judged by Peter Arnell, would be the winners.

As the teams set up to work on the task, Sarah asked Primarius to sit in silence so they could all brain storm. Of all people, Jim was the one to say the team needed to focus more, but no one paid attention to him. While over at Matchstick they came up with a theme quickly to make a character out of the pen named “Tide To Go Joe” and he would “punch-out” your stains. Following that theme, they decided to put a boxing ring on their truck, and Ryan, the lone male on the team, would dress up in spandex and fight people dressed up as stains.

Primarius continued to struggle for a concept, and time was quickly slipping away from them. Howie and Bethenny decided when Sarah left the room to work on it themselves. They started calling around trying to find street performers who could create buzz on the streets of New York City. (Have these people never been to NYC? Basic street performers are not that unusual to see!) Howie was still dis-stressed they didn’t have a real theme though. In an act of desperation, Sarah sent Howie and Bethenny to a prop shop to just walk around and look for inspiration. Howie saw an over-sized pair of boxing gloves and called Sarah to see if she liked the idea of Tide knocking-out stains. Sarah and Carrie said no, leaving the team, again, with nothing. What makes me think knocking-out stains is an overused idea? And again, Jim surprised me by finishing his portion of the task to come up with a graphic background for the truck quickly and efficently. Guess he is good for something afterall.

The next morning, the last ditch effort at a theme was that Tide To Go was on the go, and they are on a truck on the go and that….oh I give up! They lost ok! There, I said it, I am cutting out 15 minutes of pain for you! It was a horrid, dis-jointed disaster of an ad campaign and Peter Arnett called it “embaressing”. Fine, Matchstick won, I can not sugar-coat this any longer! For their reward, they met Martha and Peter at Martha’s house for breakfast. I have to say, I like how personable Martha is coming off in all this.

As Primarius entered the Conference Room, it seemed obvious Sarah would go, but Martha was so disappointed in the whole team, she brought them all back in for the second round of questioning. During the in-fighting amongst the team, somehoe Bethenny became the target of Sarah and Carrie, although I could not name one thing she did wrong in this task.

Martha asked who Sarah thought did the best job, and she replied Jim. I fell out of my chair. Martha sent him back to the loft. She then asked who did the worse job, and Sarah replied that everyone says Howie is week. Bethenny jumped in calling Sarah a liar because she had never said that about Howie. And speaking from watching the show, I think Howie has done a stellar job each week, I have no clue what Sarah was talking about.

Carrie was asked why she only did the budget and really nothing else. She rambled some non-sense that wasn’t a real defense. In the end, Martha said Howie had been great every week but this one and deserved another chance (huh? He fought them tooth-and-nail this week!) and Bethenny was a hard worker and would be staying. Sarah and Carrie were both told they “just don’t fit in” and they were both sent home. Adios losers!

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