November 4 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 8

When last we saw Survivor Gautemala, the remaing members of the Yaxha tribe, Gary, Bobby Jon, Danni and Brandon, had left tribal council with orders to merge with Nakum, marking the first night time merge in Survivor history. On their way to their new home, the four them desicussed remining strong in the face of the six Nakum members. They arrived at the camp and awoke everyone to tell them th enews of the merge. Needless to say, people were shocked, but they quickly got over it.

The next morning, the four Yaxha members got up early and set about gathering firewood as the Nakum members sat around doing nothing. Tree mail arrived soon afterwards with a new flag, paints and a note saying a prize awaited them in the forest. For the first time ever, there is a non-competition immunity up for grabs. Hidden somewhere near their camp is a 6-inch tall stone statue that is an indvidual immunity. The person who finds it doesn’t have to tell anyone they found it, and they can use it at any tribal council up until the final four. To use it, they must present it to Probst proior to the voting. I’ll just say that as far as we knew by the end of the episode, no one found it. If they did, they stayed quiet and we weren’t let in on it. I applaud this new twist, it’s a fantastic idea!

The only interesting thing to come out of the immunity idol hunt was a moment between Bobby Jon and Stephanie. For whatever reason, Bobby Jon is not that thrilled with Stephanie, and she seems to have her problems with him, but he still asks her for a favor. He sees her as one of the power players in this round of Survivor and he asks if she would help keep him for just one more tribal council so that he could make it in to the jury this time. He wasn’t asking for an alliance, just for her to try to keep him one more round as a favor for what they have been through. She told him she couldn’t promise him anything, but that she would try her best feeling that they both did belong on the jury this time around. They ended their conversation with a nice hug and went on their way.

On the next morning, Lydia finally thought it was time they name their tribe and paint their flag. It was decided they would merge the two tribe names together to name it Xhakum. One thing was lacking from the traditional merge…the usual meal. The tribe was starving and the four former members of Yaxha decided to go out fishing. All this really served to do was show that the old tribe lines were alive and well.

The immunity challange had a new twist in that when the tribe arrived, the spotted a large feat sitting in front of them. Probst informed the Survivors they had a choice:fight for immunity or eat the food, but you couldn’t do both. Choosing color coded rocks, Stephanie, Rafe, Jamie and Lydia ate while Gary, Cindy, Bobby Jon, Judd, Brandon and Danni fought out the immunity. While the four ate, the other six had to stand on a box while balancing a pot on their head. If there was more than one person in the game at the end of the hour, they would have a tie-breaker. The only one to drop out was Danni. The other five lasted the hour and went to the tie-breaker which required them to run up the side of a Mayan pyramid while carrying the pots on their head and not use their hands. Gary won it handidly.

The big drama of the episode came during the challange as Jamie chose to pick on Bobby Jon during the challange. Things got very heated between the two to the point Stephanie finally had to speak up to referee. Rafe slowly started to get upset as he did not like the idea of the Nakum tribe just picking off the old Yaxha, but again, Steph stepped up to calm him down. I think if things continue this way, we may see Bobby Jon and Jamie come to blows.

Jamie’s actions did have a backlash back at camp as the tribe discussed who should go. There was some discussion of changing things up from a Yaxha member to Jamie. At the tribal council Jamie and Bobby Jon got in to it again, which caused Rafe to comment that he hoped people would vote with their heart. In the end though, the old tribal lines showed up again with Brandon being voted out 6-to-4 over Jamie. Adios Brandon.

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