November 5 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 7

Last week, The Apprentice 4 left us with the mass firing of four candidates. This week we started off with everyone waiting in the suite to see who would come back in the door. Oops! At midnight, everyone finally gave up and realized that the unthinkable had happened and that no one would be returning to the suite.

The next morning the teams met up with Trump and learned their assumptions had been correct. Trump asked Excel if they wanted someone from Capital Edge since they were outnumbered 6-to-3. Excel wisely chose Randal to come to their team. The teams were then told that their task would be to create a new class for The Learning Annex, a continuing education company that holds over 8,000 classes a year. The teams classes would be judged by the attending students and the team with the highest score would be the winner.

Capital Edge made Adam the project manager and he immediately asked Alla to run the brainstorming session. She instructed each team member to write down five ideas and they would discuss them. Markus, in his usual fashion, just blurted out his one, and only, idea. In a rambling fashion, that no one understood, he went on-and-on about some sort of time management idea. He refused to come up with any more because he is not a “list maker”. Adam pulled him aside and asked him to focus and they returned to the meeting room where the team decided on “Sex in the Workplace” as their theme. Adam was uncomfortable with this choice, but gave in since the rest of the team liked the idea.

Excel put the newly returned Randal into the project manager position. After going over a few ideas, Randal settled on his own idea of “Standing Out”, even though the rest of the team was not that thrilled with the idea.

Back over at Capital Edge, ethe team met to discuss their research and, again, Markus wasn’t making any sense. Adam again pulled him aside and asked him to focus more. Anyone seeing a trend here with Markus?

Randal’s class was monitered by George, who felt the subject was weak, but he was impressed with Randal’s presence. Each team member took a turn leading the class and then Marshawn led the class in smaller work groups.

Capital Edge’s class started off with Adam saying only one word, “Sex”. He then went on to say he was uncomfortable with the subject as he was a nice Jewish boy from Atlanta. Meanwhile Carolyn monitered the class and found it amusing, but felt it didn’t offer any real substance, and she was puzzled by Markus seeming totally disinterested. During the class, Clay took the microphone and went a little too far in talking about his homosexuality and slapping other co-workers on the ass. Later on Adam talked about taking someone to dinner and really having to like someone to which Clay chimed in with reminding the audience he was a “shy, tight Jewish boy”. I shall pause for you all to recover….anyway, Adam was shocked, as was the audience. Adam pulled him aside after the class and told him he was offended. Clay apologized and said that Adam hadn’t understood what he said. Yeah…right.

During the boardroom to determine the winner, we were treated to something we have never seen before…Craolyn in a dress! It was quite shocking! Carolyn read the assesments of Capital Edge’s class, and the comments weren’t nice. They scored 6.98 out of 10. George read Excel’s comments, which were much kinder, and they scored 7.07 out of 10. Not a huge difference, but still a win. Excel’s prize for winning was a shopping spree with the designer Michael Kors, which I must say, the team members got some outstanding clothes.

As Capital Edge came into the boardroom for their firing, the focus seemed firmly on Clay and his comments about Adam and Jews. We learned that George is also Jewish and was also offended by what Clay said. Clay promised he wasn’t anti-Semitic, but Adam and George still weren’t thrilled. There was also the matter of Clay’s over-the-top comments about his sexuality, though this did lead to the amusing revelation that everyone knew he was gay except for Trump.

Markus jumped in and rambled about how they should have used his idea on time management, but he just ended up confusing Trump, George and Carolyn. After this, Adam decided to bring Clay and Markus back in the room with him. Carolyn asked Markus what he did on this task and he couldn’t give a sensible answer. Carolyn finally interrupted him and accused him of believing in the “cover your ass theory” where-in he does nothing but come with excuses that allow him to pass the blame to other team members.

While the fight continued between Clay and Adam, Trump finally decided Markus was just useless and needed to go. As Markus got up to leave, Trump wished him luck, but Markus turned on him and said “If you mean it, but I don’t think you do.” What followed was an exchange between Trump and Markus which was amusing and sad all at once. All I know is we are ginally rid of Markus and the world is a lot quieter for it.

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