November 9 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 7

Amazing Race:Family Edition returned to the USA this wee. The teams received their first clue in Costa Rica and were instructed to go to a cove called Playa Maracas, once there they would receive their next clue.

This one that one member of each team had to swim out to buoy and receive the next clue. Everyone got through it except for Tony Paolo of the Paolo family who had some problems and had to be helped by the rescue swimmers. This clue instructed the teams to travel 60 miles to the small town of Grecia and locate La Iglesia de Metal. For some odd reason, in the 1800’s the country of Belgium sent over a metal church, and this is it. No clue why. Anyway, once there, an alter boy would give them their next clue. The teams all called taxis and headed straight there.

Detour time. Thanks to for:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Brush and Barrel. In Brush, Teams had to travel 10 miles to an ox cart factory, choose two partially painted cartwheels and, following the pattern, finish decorating the wheels. In Barrel, Teams had to travel over 10 miles to a sugar cane plantation, load a tractor trailer with one ton of harvested sugar cane, and transport it six miles to a factory. After delivering the sugar cane, they needed to find their clue hidden in a rum barrel in the plantation warehouse.”

The Paolos and Linzs went for the sugar cane, while everyone else went for the oc cart wheels. The Linzs plowed through the task, while the Paolos took quite a while. Over at the wheel painting, the Bransens and Weavers flew through it, while the Godlweskis took forever. The next clue told everyone to head to Phoenix, AZ and find the Bondurant Superkarts School.

The Linz family got a flight on a Delta flight putting them in to Phoenix at 9:35 AM, they jumped at it and were the only team to get that flight. Well, turns out that wasn’t so fantastic. The other teams took a local ariline named Taca that got them to Phoenix through some other flights at 9:20 AM…oops. During the wait for the Taca flight, the Weaver family ganged up on DJ Paolo and asked him why they had been yielded by his family. He reminded this was a game and that they could be friendly, but this is the final five now. Linda Weaver reminded him they still had a Yield they could use on his family. Such a sweet woman. The Godlewskis had to change airports as their reservation at JFK was missing, but they still made it in time.

Once at the school, the teams received a Roadblock saying that one team member must race the track 50 times, taking a mandatory break after 25 laps. The Weaver’s, of course, did not thrill to this task, but Linda made it through it. After finishing the task, teams were directed to the next Pit Stop at Fort McDowell, a 25,000-acre reserve that is home to the Yavapai Nation, 32 miles away. First place went to the Godlewski sisters. Last place became a race betweent he Paolos and the Bransens. The Paolos though they were in last, were putting on extra clothes in case it was non-elimination, and saw the Bransens pull up, so they ran up to Phil, dressed as they were, and checked in. They then turned to the Bransens and suggested they do the same. The Branses did, and learned it was non-elimination.

More in the next update as there were two epsiodes this week, but this show is having some major problems this season.

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