November 10 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 8

The second hour of Amazing Race:Family Edition this week picked up with the Bransens being in last place and having lost all their money and possessions. The teams set out from Fort McDowell and were told to drive 33 miles to Mesa, AZ and find Fighter Combat International. As usual though, it was an eqaulizer. The first team set out at 11:43 PM, and the school didn’t open until 4:30 AM, so each team took a number and slept in their cars.

Once the teams were allowed in to get their clues, they found it was a Roadblock and one member of the team had to fly with a proffesional pilot, take the controls on their orders and perform a 360-degree loop in the air. After Rolly Weaver, Sharon Godlewski, and Megan Linz all made it on their first try, Brian Paolo and Godlewski (not sure which one) took two trys each to finish it. Once done, the teams received a clue to drive 277 miles to Lipan Point, a spot overlooking the widest point of the Grand Canyon.

The Paolos decided not to ask for directions, and ended up taking a slow route that slipped them in to last place. Meanwhile, the holier-than-though Weavers threw garbage out their car windows at the Godlewskis and told a tollbooth attendant to delay the Linzs with a history lesson. The clue at Lipan point told everyone to drive 137 miles to Page, AZ and locate Glen Canyon Dam.

Once at the dam, each team choose a tour guide to lead them to the clue box at the top. Time for the inevitable Detour explanation from

“Teams needed to choose between Bearing and Bailing, both taking place on Horseshoe Bend. In Bearing, Teams needed to travel by motorized raft to a location and choose one of five colored coded cards with a unique compass coordinate. Then, using a compass, they followed the coordinate to their next card. To complete the task, they had to find three locations in this manor and collect the same colored card at each point. In Bailing, Teams traveled by motorized raft to a section of water, choose a submerged boat, and bail enough water out of it to make it light enough to carry onshore to a marked location.”

I think I would have gone Bearing, but I am pretty good with a compass. The only team to take Bearing was the Weavers, while everyone else took Bailing. Funny moment of the evening was the Linzs and Godlewskis walking back from the cluebox, and passing the Weavers without acknowleding them or accepting a high-five from Linda Weaver. Linda stated “They’re just idiots.” Remember everyone, this woman’s family threw garbage at one of these teams and tried to delay the other at a tollbooth. This is the same team who doesn’t like it when people play the GAME against them, but they are all playing the game against the other teams. Can you tell I really can’t stand the Weavers…AT ALL?

Once the teams completed the Detour, the teams clues, the teams needed to drive 14 miles to Lake Powell and find Antelope Point. Upon getting there they needed to get in a marked boat and search the lake for a houseboat that was serving as the Pit Stop for this leg. The Godlewskis came in frist place, followed very closely by the Linzs. In the end, it was the Paolos who finally were eliminated from the race due to some bad driving directions. Can’t say I am sorry to see them go.

A couple of random observations about the Race at this point:

1)Why are teams being so helpful to each other? This is a RACE for crying out loud!

2)I hate the Weavers.

3)Showing two episodes back-to-back was a mistake. It demonstrated just how weak this season really is.

4)I *really* hate the Weavers, and here’s why. I am sorry their father/husband died, that is a tragedy, but they carry on like they are completely sinless when they talk behind teams backs, make fun of them, throw things at them, try to slow them down and on and on and on. If they didn’t talk endless about how wonderful they are, and that they can’t understand why other teams hate them, I would leave them alone, but they just won’t shut up. I can not stand two-faced people, and this family could win a prize for it.

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