November 11 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 9

Survivor Gautemala opened with the members of Xhakum returning from the “no class” tirbal council batle of Bobby Jon and Jamie. Jamie commented that saying he had “no class” was the same as calling him “white trash” in his book. He and Bobby Jon talked it over and finally shook hands in an attempt to make peace.

The next morning, feeling outnumbered, Bobby Jon, Gary and Danni decided to step up tehir efforts in finding the hidden immunity idol in the trees. None of them had any luck though.

Summoned to reward challange, the tribe members were told they would be using an ancient Mayan weapon known as a Atlatl to sling arrows into a giant bullseye. Each person would win food, but the closer to the bullseye of the target, the better your meal. The person to win the best meal would also receive a clue to the location of the hidden idol. Each tribe member took a turn at flinging the arrows with Judd taking the first throw and, oddly, ended up being the one to win. In the end, Jamie came in 4th, but asked Probst if he could take last place and allow everyone else to move up one spot as a form of apology for all his recent bad behavior. Probst said that was fine and Jamie took the last place spot.

At the dinner, Judd was given his clue and a dinner of steak & lobster. After everyone had received their food (Jamie got ramon nuts and dirty lake water), Probst told Judd that two people could join him for desert and open bar. Judd picked Bobby Jon and Stephanie. Bobby Jon and ended up getting drunk, which did not sit will with the remainder of the tribe, especially Gary. Later that night, back in camp, Bobby Jon and Judd tripped all over the place and Judd threw up a bit to close to the shelter for anyone’s liking.

In one of the oddest moments of the episode, Judd shared the hint he had received with Stephanie. After reading it, they agree that theidol sounded like it was up in a tree and not on the ground. Judd thought it would be wise to throw everyone off the trail and told everyone else that the idol was for sure on the ground. Nice Judd. I still can not figure out why he shared the clue with Steph, but that’s his call. Meanwhile, in an attempt to save his neck, Gary told Jamie that he would vote WITH him this time. Jamie somehow turned this into Gary was voting AGAINST him when he talked to other tribe members. Steph began to wonder just how big of a liability Jamie was going to end up being.

Immunity challange involved three systems of rope bridges, with each round knocking out more people. The final round was Jamie vs. Rafe, with Jamie winning immunity. As soon as they returned to the camp, Stephanie, Rafe, Judd and Jamie discussed that they felt Gary should go because he was a strong physical threat. Steph felt things were going too smoothly, and she was right.

Gary approached Steph and asked her to confirm if he was going, she said she would tell him if she knew, but wouldn’t look him in the eye. He asked her to look him in the eye and say it, and she did, again saying she would tell him if she knew. At the same time, Bobby Jon went to Jamie and Judd and told them not to trust Steph and her million dollar smile. As all this went on, Gary decided to go out and look for the idol again. As he walked along staring at the ground, he saw Judd come out looking also, but then he noticed…Judd was only looking UP in the trees, the place he had specifically said it woul dnot be. Gary started to wonder if Judd had lied to the tribe.

At tribal council it looked sure that Gary would go until Probst asked if anyone wanted to use the hidden immunity idol….and as if by magic, Gary produced the idol and handed it over to Probst. Everyone’s jaws dropped since they had no clue he had it. Probst told the tribe they had to go vote without discussing anything. The tribe just went to their second target, Bobby Jon, and he was voted out with at least six votes. Adios Bobby Jon.

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