November 12 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 8

The remaining candidates of The Apprentice 4 didn’t seem too happy to see Clay walk back in from the boardroom, but were happy to see Adam had survived.

The next morning, the teams met Trump in the boardroom and were shown clips from Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. They were then instrustucted that this weeks task was to build an interactive display for Best Buy that would be used to sell the DVD for the movie and copied of the game, Star Wars Battlefront II. The winner would be the best display as judged by exectuives from Lucasfilm and Best Buy. The teams then went their seperate ways to choose their project managers and to get ready for the task.

Clay requested to be the PM for Capital Edge due to the way he felt he was treated in the last task. The team was a little less than thrilled with the idea, but agreed to it as long as he agreed to respect everyone. The team then headed over to Boylan Studios in New York to meet with Jim Ward of LucasArts and Gary Arnold of Best Buy. The team was impressed with how much info they got from the meeting and felt far more confident about the task afterwards.

Excel was at a loss as to what to do for PM. Randal, who was exempt due to his team winning last week, was the only one familiar with the Star Wars franchise, but everyone felt someone else needed to be PM. Brian agreed to do it, but he asked everyone for the help, especially Randal.

The team then called to set up their meeting at Boylan Studios and set it for 10:15 AM. Brian told everyone that meant they could leave at 10 AM and make it. Excuse me while I step outside and laugh myself silly. I need to explain to you that they said Boylan Studios is at 26th Street and 12th Avenue and Trump Tower is at 56th Street and 5th Avenue. 30 blocks down, and 5 over…in 15 minutes…on a weekday…at 10 AM. Oh how I laughed. Needless to say they were late and did not make it to the meeting until 10:45 AM. They arrived just in time to be told the men had to leave for another meeting and that they could not stick around. At this point Excel didn’t know the theme, what the focus was supposed to be on or any of the other important details. Way to go folks! Since they missed the meeting, the team relied on Randal to summarize all six movies. Did none of these people see even one of the movies? What the heck!

Capital Edge in the meantime was at a photo shoot with actors dressed up as Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Stormtroopers. Clay felt Alla had things in hand so he felt he could walk off and flirt with a member of the photography crew. Way to go there project manager. This continued through to the design stage where Alla made all the decesions and Clay would just grunt agreement. Not sure what his problem was. The display they came up with was a walk-in display that people could test the game and watch clips of the movie. Even during set-up, Alla made all the decesions with Clay asking her for guidance on everything.

Excel came up with a two-sided display with one side being the dark side and the other one the light side and…well…that was about it. It was boring to say the least. The team chose Marshawn to make the presentation as she had made several in the past without much trouble. As she prepared she got to where she felt uncomfortable since she didn’t like anything about the display. Brian thought about stepping in, but Rebecca stepped in finally saying she would take it over.

Jim and Gary showed up to inspect the displays, and while they didn’t say much while touring them, I will put in my thoughts. Capital Edge’s display looked nice, but as a retailer it is a nightmare. Short, cramped and a shoplifters paradise due to all the blind spots. Clay also tried to take far too much credit for the overall feeling of the display, and when Alla did try to speak up, Clay cut her off. Over at Excel…everything was lackluster. The display was stagnet, lifeless and didn’t hit any of the points the execs were looking for.

Long story short, Excel won, but the team did not vote to give Clay exemption since they had succeeded in-spite of him. Their prize was to spend an afternoon with Bill Rancic, the winner of the first season of the show. They toured one of Trump’s new buildings with him and asked him questions about what it takes to win the game.

As Capital Edge prepped to go to the boardroom for the firing, they were nervous as to who was going since Randal had immunity. As the meeting got started, Trump really drove home the lateness of arriving at the meeting and he had no clue hwo a New Yorker could think to leave only 15 minutes to travel that far through the city. After slamming on Brian, Trump also turned to Marshawn and wondered why she dropped out of doing the presentation and she never did give a satisfactory answer. In the end, Brian and Marshawn were both let go, and let me say they both deserved it for such a lackluster performance.

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