November 17 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 9

Well, if we learned anything from this week’s Martha Stewart Apprentice it was that Dawna should never go near the conference room again as it turns her into a blubbering idiot. It’s a game, get over it. She’s a magazine publisher? How does anything get done at her company if she can’t handle being nasty to people? Oh well, Bethenny “forgave” her and the teams moved on with their lives.

The next morning, the candidates gather around their video moniter in the loft to receive their next task. Note to Ryan…even if it is on a video moniter, camoflauge shorts, a tshirt and flip-flops is probably not the best ensemble during part of your JOB INTERVIEW! Moron. The teams learned they were going to be given a retail space each, and $40,000, to set up a shop to sell the Tassimo coffee/tea/hot chocolate Hot Beverage System. The team to make the most money would win.

Jim stepped up to be Project Manager for Primarius and had an immediate problem with Dawna rebelling against him. She was afraid with the team only having three people that they would not be able to handle everything that needed to be done. She took it upon herself to set up a meeting with a public relations firm that she wanted to hire to help them. Jim was not sold on the idea, but let her go anyway. Here’s what got me, after she left, Jim complained that he had a rogue team member on his hands. Here’s a wacky idea Jim….STOP HER! Don’t let her go. Tell her she does not have the permission to do this and just stop this dead in it’s tracks. Don’t let her go and THEN complain about it. Step up as a leader you flippin’ moron!

Over at Matchstick, Marcela was made PM, but seemed to be having a mini-rebellion on her hands from the start. Amanda and Ryan both seemed to bicker with her over every little detail, even down to how fast Ryan’s computer was booting up. Once they went to set up the retail shop, Marcela said she wanted to bring pastries in also to attract people, but Ryan and Amanda strongly disagreed. The moment Marcela and Leslie left the shop to check out the neighborhood, Ryan and Amanda decided they needed to hire a celebrity to help draw people in to the shop.

There was a confrontation between Marcela and Ryan when he got excited about hiring Vincent Pastore, who played “Big Pussy” on the Sopranos, but Marcela said no, and if they were going to hire anyone, it should be a celebrity chef. When Charles and Alexis stopped by to see how things were going, Ryan embaressed Marcela in front of them by saying it was impossible to get a chef on such short notice. Charles asked what plan B was, but Marcela didn’t have an answer for him. Instead she got on the phone and arranged a chef herself. What makes me think Ryan did that on purpose? Nah!

Dawna had her meeting with Lime PR & Promotions and hired them to help set-up the store and promote it for $30,000. She then called Jim to tell him and he promprtly looked like he was about to fall over since she had not asked permission to spend the money. Bethenny whispered to Jim that he should let her do it, and if that they lost, they could lay all the blame on her. Jim agreed and approved it.

Back at Matchstick, as the worked until 1:30 AM setting up the store, Amanda finally asked Marcela what she planned to do for marketing. Marcela reminded Amanda that she had asked everyone for thir input earlier in the day, which Amanda just brushed off and walked away. The pastry chef did end up drawing people into the store, to the point they had to limit how many people were coming in the door, but they were there for the pastaries, and not to buy the Tassimo. Marcela ended up lowering the price of the machine twice during the course of the day.

Over at Primarius, the store sat empty for most of the morning as the Lime PR people seemed out-of-sorts and unsure what to do. Bethenny finally stepped up and started ordering the PR people around and getting them to spread out wider with their fliers. By lunchtime, business picked up considerably.

After the stores closed, the teams met with Martha, Alexis and Charles in the conference room. The totals were:Matchstick sold nine Tassimos for $1,891, while Primarius sold 36 systems for a total of $6,621. OOPS! Primarius won the prize of a private tour of Martha’s house up in Maine, conducted by Alexis.

As Matchstick prepped to go to the conference room, Marcela wondered if she should even try to fight her probable ousting. Jim stopped to talk to Ryan about the firing and he made it very clear they were going to go after Marcela. Not liking what he heard, Jim went and found Marcela and talked to her about how to fight back against her team members. He was disgusted by the way they were setting up and he felt she had to fight. I have to say, for about two seconds I actually liked Jim, I’m sure it won’t last though.

Once in the conference room, Marcela told Martha that she felt it was lack of support from her team that had led to their defeat. The killer was Amanda admitted she hadn’t supported Marcela because she didn’t agree with her decesions. Martha asked Amanda and Marcela both why did they want this job. Amanda gave some flighty answer about her own life while Marcela gave a very pointed answer of wanting to help Martha take her company more into the Latino community.

Martha asked who Marcela wanted to bring back in and she chose Ryan and Amanda to come back in. Once they entered the room, Ryan made a big show of saying that he never deserted his team. This little display didn’t seem to sit well with Alexis, Martha and Charles and they just told him to sit down. Martha explained she should have controlled her team better, but in the end, it was Amanda’s lack of teamwork that would be the cause of her going home.

Later Amanda, you won’t be missed.

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