November 18 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 10

The tribe members returned to camp from the latest tribal council as Survivor Gautemala opened up this week. Everyone was congratulating Gary on his use of the hidden immunity, except for Jamie, who seemed to be seething. Big shock. This was followed by Jamie getting all worked up about Gary voting for Cindy, which Cindy could have seemed to have cared less about. So Jamie turned his ire towards Gary directly and it got so out of control that the tribe, and especially Judd, started to question just how stable Jamie was at this point in the game.

I will let the official site to explain the reqard challange as it was complex:

“Divide into two teams of two women and two men. Each male or female pair is connected by a rope and must race through a mud-pit obstacle course. At the end of the course are clay pots filled with corn. Each team must slog back through the mud to the starting line with the pot of corn and use it to fill a larger pot. The first team to fill the larger pot wins.”

The teams were Stephanie, Danni, Gary and Judd vs. Rafe, Jamie, Lydia and Cindy. The Jamie team led for most of the challange, but as it wore on, Lydia was getting bogged down in the deep mud by her height and lack of strength, finally letting the other team win by more than one pot of corn.

The prize was for the winning foursome to be whisked off by helicopter to a mansion deeper in the forest. They were going to be fed, allowed to shower, wash their clothes and sleep in real beds for the night. In the morning they would wake up to coffee before returning back to camp. The winning team enjoyed the evening, and Danni & Gary used it as a chance to see if they could sway Stephanie & Judd over to their side for a possible new alliance. They seemed to make some headway with Steph, but Judd was not at all interested in changing things up.

Back at camp, Jamie talked with Rafe multiple times if things were changing with their plans to keep their final six. No matter what Rafe told him, it didn’t seem Jamie was going to believe him. Rafe was starting to question, like Judd, if Jamie was losing his mind out here in the jungle.

When the reward winners woke up in the morning, they found six flavors of Folgers waiting for them. As they enjoyed the coffee, the home owner came to see them with a special surprise. Everyone was treated to a video tape of their loved ones. Everyone agreed this was the best of the reward and worth the entire effort.

Once back at camp, Steph presented Cindy with a basket of coffee they had brought back and you would have thought she had just brought the girl the $1 Million prize! Quite amusing. Jamie jumped right into asking Judd if there had been any new alliances made or strategy talked. Judd of course lied.

Everyone headed off to the immunity challange which was done in two stages. Stage one involved all eight Survivors trying to untangle themselves from a rope and obstacle they were attached to. The first four to finish would move on to stage two and that was Rafe, Jamie, Steph and Cindy. The second stage was more of the same, but this time it was three levels tall and, much to my surprise, Rafe won it. As he pointed out himself, he has now won indvidual immunity twice and came in second on the third one. If he’s not careful, he’s going to have a huge target on his back.

As everyone prepped for tribal council, Jamie again got nervous, but Judd reassured him it was Gary going tonight…..OOPS! In a vote of six to two, it was Jamie over Gary who went, and not quietly at that as he yelled at the tribe “That’s how you blindside someone!”. Adios Jamie, don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

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