November 23 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 9

Amazing Race:Family Edition opened up with the teams having to drive 136 miles to Monument Valley, UT. While it is a Navajo tribal park, most people remember it from John Ford’s Westerns (such as The Searchers) he made in the 1940’s. Oddly enough, once there, they had to find John Ford’s Point to receive their next clue. The teams also learned they would now be hauling large sleeping trailers behind them for this part of the race.

As the teams raced to Monument Valley, the Linzs took over first place when the Godlewskis stopped for gas. Only problem was, the Linzs missed the turn off to the Valley and overshot it by a couple miles. The Godlewskis over shot it by only a few feet, but due to the trailer, had a heck of a time turning around. The Weavers also overshot, but turned around rapidly and got in there first. Once there teams were to grab a number and then a clue. The clue said that two team members were to ride in a helicopter up to the summit of Elephant Butte to receive their next clue. The helicopter could only take two groups of two at a time, so it was first come first serve and though the Linzs were second to grab their clue, they were third to grab a number. The Weavers and Godlewskis went up first.

While the first flight was gone, the Linzs talked with the remaining Godlewskis and agreed that if either team got to the Yield before the Weavers, they would yield them. Good call in my book. By the time the first helicopter got back, the Bransens had still not arrived, so the Linzs went up alone.

Once everyone had their clues, they were driving 180 miles to Moab, UT where they needed to find the rock formation known as Gemini Bridges. Along the way to Moab, the Weavers once again displayed their loving attitudes in comments such as:

“God must have spent a little less time on this state.” – Rolly
“No wonder it’s so ugly.” – Rachel when she heard it was known as the Mormon state

They were also less than pleased when the Linzs passed them. Gee…isn’t that a shame.

At the Gemini Bridges, the teams were treated to a Detour. Oh mysterious, what was it this time?

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Ride Down and Drop Down. In Ride Down, Teams would choose bikes and ride a six-mile course into Bull Canyon. In Drop Down, Teams needed to complete a two-stage rappel 270-feet down into Bull Canyon.”

The Weavers were the only ones to ride the bikes, and they whined the entire time. Raise your hand if you’re shocked…gee…I don’t see any hands going up. What a shocker. After the detour, the teams were to drive 52 miles to Green River State Park where they would be spending the night in the trailers. Order of arrival would determine departure time with the first team leaving at 7:00 AM, the second at 7:15 AM and so on.

At 7:00 AM the next morning, the Linzs opened their clue to discover they had to drive 20 miles to Heber City and find Bart. What no one knew was that Bart is a trained grizzly bear and would be delivering their next clues to them in his mouth. The clue stressed there could be no running or screaming at this stop, amusingly, the Godlewski sisters thought that might be a problem for them. No one got hurt though, and they all got their next clue which directed them to drive 22 miles to Park City and find Utah Olympic Park.

Here is where the fun kicked in…the clue said “Caution:Yield Ahead”. The Linzs raced ahead to get there first, the Weavers knew they had to beat everyone there and took a different road…they didn’t notice it said “scenic route”. Oh silly Weavers. The Linzs, of course Yielded the Weavers and then opened their clue to discover a Roadblock. This time, one team member had to ride down a 60-foot ramp, on skis, and jump into a pool of water. No problem, everyone did it.

The Linzs opened their clue which told them to go to the Pit Stop at the Salt Lake City Public Library. As they pulled out of the Olympic park, the Godlewskis pulled in which prompted the Linzs to yell out their car window “We Yielded them! And they’re still not here!” Good times…good times.

The Linzs, the Godlewskis and the Bransens all checked in before the Weavers even hit the Yield mat. Rolly did the jump and they headed to the Pit Stop, actually hoping to be eliminated. Much to their disappointment, and mine, this was a non-elimination round and they are sticking around. They lost all their money and possessions, so I am hoping that, combined with their own depression, will cause them to be eliminated.

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